I'm sure we're all hoping for a new MANA game, but considering the direction Square/Enix has taken the series during the last decade, I don't trust their vision for the series.  Mana has always had the potential to be a blockbuster IP in the veins of Final Fantasy, and I, for one, think its about time Square delivered that promise.  I have a vision in mind for the game, one that would really get people excited in the series again!
    Everyone has always noted the similarities between the Legend of ZeldaItalic text and the Secret of ManaItalic text SNES entries.  My idea is to take that similarity into the next generation of gameplay.  Since the praise for Twilight Princess seems universal, why not (again) borrow from the best?  Make a 3D Mana title in the vein of Twilight Princess!  Hell, its so obvious it makes me wonder why Square hasn't tried it before.  To be perfectly honest, looking at FF13, that seems to be the direction Final Fantasy is headed in, so why not Mana?  But unique to my idea, though, is an even greater link between the two.  Who hasn't played any 3D Final Fantasy title and dreamed about riding on the back of Bahamut, or fighting Ifrit in the Zelda style of battle?  So DO EXACTLY THAT!  Take the standard elemental Espers from the FF series, like Shiva, Ifrit, Bahamut, etc., and make THEM the Temple Guardians/Magic Elementals!  Its so obvious its strange Square's never actually tried it before!  Bahamut takes the place of Flammie, making for a MUCH better substitute, I might add.  You can even transform into Odin to mimic the Epona/battle mechanics from Twilight Princess, too!  As a substitute, you can also ride a Chocobo around in case your magic points are low, or you haven't reached that far in the game, yet.
    Also, since the graphics themselves lend the game a more serious atmosphere, then the game itself would reflect that.  The SNES editions of Mana AND Zelda both lent themselves to a less serious storyVIBE (it WAS serious, since the world was at stake), but the mood of Twilight Princess really changes the atmosphere completely, versus the vibe from LOZ: A Link to the Past.  The same would be true of Secret of Mana.  So guys, what do you think?

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