Aegagropilon is Sheex's true form. It looks like a watermelon with two spiky legs and a mouth.  The name is derived from "Aegagropila," the genus name of the marimo, a freshwater algae indigenous to Japan that forms green, ball-like colonies.




  • HP: 3016
  • MP: 99
  • EXP: 11050
  • GP: 1800
  • Weakness: Earthside/Thunderbolt
  • Weapon Orb: Spear
  • Location: Tree Palace


Aegagropilon is a pretty tough fight, so prepare wisely. Aegagropilon is annoying for two reasons. One, he casts Wall, which reflects your magic back at you. Two, he casts Sleep Flower, which is self explanatory - only he does this quite often. Have Purim cast level 7 Remedy to wake up a sleeping character. Aegagropilon also has the Burst spell, which does some heavy damage.

The boss will usually cast Wall right off the bat, so hold off any spells until he casts Wall. Then, have Popoi cast a Dispel Magic to get rid of it (it is very important that Shade be at least level 4 or higher, otherwise you CANNOT get rid of the wall - if your Shade magic is lower than 4, the difficulty has just gotten more difficult). Once the Wall is off, you're free to cast any spell that you wish...keep in mind that he can always recast Wall. Purim should be doing what she does best with her magic, level 7 Cure Water. Even better, she can help out the rest of the team by giving them level 7 Moon Sabers, which will drain HP from the boss and give it to the attacker, giving your party a great way to heal themselves.

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