Sword of ManaEdit

  • Buy: 50
  • Sell: 25
  • Use: Revive your ally with all HP. You're probably best off leaving them dead, or else you'll be spending a lot of money on Angel Grails reviving them.


Chest: Path to Topple, Batmo Cave, Vinquette Hall (x2), Scaly Lair, Marsh Cave (x3), Mushboom Forest (x2), Road to Gaia, Gaia Cave, Airship, Jadd Desert, Devius Manor, Miasma Glen, Mt. Illusia, Granz Castle, Rocky Wilds, Subland River (x2), Subsea Volcano, Glass Desert (North), Sealed Cave, Ruined Passage, Dime Tower (x2), Mana Sanctuary (x2), Mana Temple (x2)

Store: Wendel General Store, Menos General Store, Jadd Blacksmith, Jadd General Store, Ishe General Store, Niccolo

Secret of ManaEdit

Called Cup of Wishes.

  • Use: Revives unconscious characters with full HP and PP.
  • Locations: Various stores, Neko's, treasure chests.
  • Price: 150GP (normal), 300GP (Neko's)

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