Angela (アンジェラ, Anjera) is one of the six main characters of Seiken Densetsu 3.


Angela is the only princess of the ice-covered Magic Kingdom of Altena. Her mother, Valda, the Queen of Reason, uses her magic to keep the Altenish citadel in a perpetual spring. However, like her country, Valda is cold and unfeeling towards her daughter, who has become lonely and selfish as a result of her upbringing. The fact that Angela is the only person in Altena who cannot use magic does not improve her disposition. As the world's Mana starts to fade, the Queen's spell weakens, and winter begins to return to Altena. In order for her spell to continue and prevent Altena from freezing over, Valda, following the advice of her assistant wizard Koren, decides to invade other nations and claim their Mana Stones. Once done, she would make use of an ancient spell intended to unlock the power of Mana kept in the Stones, opening the way to the infinite power found in the Sword of Mana, letting her spell continue. Unfortunately, the spell for unlocking the power of the Mana Stones requires the user to sacrifice a life when it is cast; Valda decides to sacrifice her own daughter to power the spell.

When Angela learns of this, she unwittingly uses her latent magical powers to teleport out of Altena and into the Sub-Zero Snowfield. She soon succumbs to the cold and collapses, but citizens from the nearby town of Elrand find her and nurse her back to health. After receiving counsel from a wandering fortune-teller, Angela decides to travel to the Holy City Wendel and ask the Priest of Light for guidance.

Angela shares many story elements with Duran, who lives in Valsena, one of the many kingdoms Altena tries to invade. If either of them is chosen as the main hero in Seiken Densetsu 3, the main villain will be the Dragon Emperor and the final dungeon will be the Dragon Hole.


Angela is a somewhat stereotypical "mage" character, having weak physical abilities but access to a variety of powerful magic. Though Angela cannot use magic at first, she begins to learn spells with the help of the Mana Spirits that join the heroes on their quest. Changing classes allows her to use more powerful spells; Angela's Light and Dark classes primarily allow her to use more powerful Light and Dark magic, respectively. Her Light classes have a larger focus in causing large amounts of damage to multiple enemies while her dark classes focus more on focusing damage on one target.


Below is a list of Angela's classes. The first class change takes place at Level 18, while the second one takes place at Level 38, with the latter requiring specific items acquired from ??? Seeds.

Level Light Dark
L.1 SD3 Angela
L.18 Angela Sorceress Sprite
Angela Delvar Sprite
L.38 Angela Grand Divina Sprite
Grand Divina
(Arcane BookArcane Book)
Angela Arch Mage Sprite
Arch Mage
(Book of SecretsBook of Secrets)
Angela Rune Master Sprite
Rune Master
(Book of RuneBook of Rune)
Angela Magus Sprite
(Forbidden BookForbidden Book)


Rather than an interest and focus on the path of methodology, proper rites, and traditionally proven workings of magic to utilize it as it is, the Delvar has instead directed their focus on seeking the ways of achieving greater magical power itself to bend all phenomena to their whim. However, such a path veers nearest the temptation of achieving power at any cost and the will to even undergo the ways of the dark arts.

Rune MasterEdit

Considered the true embodiment of the dark arts of magic, the Rune Master has achieved their mastery through reinforcing their quest for ultimate magic power through controlling such might through the ways of harnessing by incantation and binding such forces upon call through evocation. Utilizing the power of knowledge, the Rune Master has vigorously studied long lost languages of mystical influence and magical power believed to tie deeply into the fabric of creation itself, and through their influence, summons terrifyingly great forces of nature upon their recital. As such, the might of Rune Masters call upon spells of such order and chaos that though their magic brings about unmatched spell power, their aftermath is dangerously unpredictable to their intended recipients.


Considered to have strayed far from the path of contemporary magehood, the Magus has reached the echelons of attaining what can be called the ultimate level of magical power. Delving deeper into study than any typical practitioner of magic, the Magus has rediscovered lost and ancient methodologies to apply that excel anything the current world sees in use; however, whether they know it or not, such methods tapped into discovered at their era were decided to be forgotten: considered with potential of great danger and abuse, these ways were then cast down as taboo, and were abandoned for the sake of such forbidden practices to never ravage the world again. Now in command of these forsaken powers, heaven and earth trembles in the face of such magic that indiscriminately destroys and decimates all who stand in the way of its caster.

Skill AttacksEdit

Below is a list of skill attacks Angela learns across her different classes:

Level Light Dark
L.1 Double Attack
L.18 Pink Typhoon
Star Attack
L.38 Spiral Rod
(Grand Divina)
Dancing Rod
(Arch Mage)
10 tons
(Rune Master)
Hot Shot


As a spell-caster, Angela is capable of learning a plethora of spells, which are all of the offensive variety. Depending on her final class, Angela will also learn an ultimate spell unique to that class as well.

Below is a table of spells Angela learns across her different classes:

Level Light Dark
L.1 Air BlastAir Blast
Evil GateEvil Gate
Diamond MissileDiamond Missile
Holy BallHoly Ball
Ice SmashIce Smash
L.18 Earthquake IconEarthquake
Mega SplashMega Splash
Saint BeamSaint Beam
Dark ForceDark Force
L.38 Double SpellDouble Spell
(Grand Divina)
Rainbow DustRainbow Dust
(Arch Mage)
Stun WindStun Wind
Cold BreezeCold Breeze
Blaze WallBlaze Wall
Stone CloudStone Cloud
Death SpellDeath Spell
(Rune Master)
Earthquake IconEarthquake
Mega SplashMega Splash
Ancient IconAncient
  • Note 1: Angela is able to target one/all enemies with all spells learnt during her Magician class after obtaining the corresponding mana spirit.
  • Note 2: Angela will learn how to multi-target 'light' upper-level spells (such as Earthquake and Explode) when she changes class into either a Grand Divina or an Arch Mage.
  • Note 3: If Angela changes class to a Rune Master, her Dark Force spell will be upgraded to target all enemies. The Magus does not learn to multi-target Dark Force.
  • Note 4: Neither the Rune Master nor Magus can multi-target the upper-level spells they learn in the four classical elements.



Name Cost Location Class
Wooden CaneWooden Cane 22 Starting Weapon --
Staff (SD3)Staff 75 Astoria, Wendel, Maia --
Witch StaffWitch Staff 180 Dwarf Village, Valsena --
Oak CaneOak Cane 220 Byzel, Palo, Jad --
Pewter RodPewter Rod 378 Ghost Ship, Palo --
Ruby CaneRuby Cane 738 Dark Priest Village --
Crystal RodCrystal Rod 1100 Elrand, Sultan, Deen --
Soul RodSoul Rod 2400 Mintos --
Varsh StaffVarsh Staff 2650 Mintos Sorceress
Cunning StaffCunning Staff 2795 Mintos Delvar
Ash CaneAsh Cane 2650 Diorre --
Will StaffWill Staff 2900 Diorre Sorceress
Tot's CaneTot's Cane 3155 Diorre Delvar
Rajin's CaneRajin's Cane 3480 Altena, Deen, Mintos --
Mythril RodMythril Rod 3830 Altena, Deen, Mintos Sorceress
Skull RodSkull Rod 4000 Altena, Deen, Mintos Delvar
Memyl RodMemyl Rod 6950 Cats --
Druid CaneDruid Cane 7015 Cats --
Revelation CaneRevelation Cane 7200 Cats Delvar
Nebula StaffNebula Staff 14335 Cats --
Branch of YggdrasilBranch of Yggdrasil 16400 Cats Sorceress
Ancient RodAncient Rod 17335 Cats Delvar
Mizunara CaneMizunara Cane 22000 Pedan --
Eternal RodEternal Rod 33470 Pedan Sorceress
Celnunnos CaneCelnunnos Cane 31375 Pedan Delvar
CeryeceonCeryeceon -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Sorceress/Delvar
GanvanteinGanvantein -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Grand Divina
Spirit CaneSpirit Cane -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Arch Mage
Rune StaffRune Staff -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Rune Master
Dragon RodDragon Rod -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Magus


Name Cost Location Class
Cotton RobeCotton Robe 16 Starting Armor --
Silk RobeSilk Robe 50 Wendel, Maia --
Witch's RobeWitch's Robe 95 Dwarf Village, Valsena --
Queen Bee DressQueen Bee Dress 184 Byzel, Palo --
Bat CoatBat Coat 230 Ghost Ship, Palo --
Tiger BikiniTiger Bikini 234 Dark Priest Village, Valsena --
Rose LeotardRose Leotard 600 Elrand, Sultan, Deen, Mintos, Diorre --
BunnydressBunnydress 1000 Mintos --
Owl CoatOwl Coat 1970 Diorre --
Zephyr RobeZephyr Robe 2150 Altena, Deen, Mintos --
Mananan RobeMananan Robe 3160 Cats --
Sunrise DressSunrise Dress 3830 Cats Sorceress
Dusk DressDusk Dress 3440 Cats Delvar
Pure White RobePure White Robe 7495 Pedan Sorceress
Darkness RobeDarkness Robe 7015 Pedan Delvar
Dreamdevil CoatDreamdevil Coat -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Sorceress/Delvar
Myein DressMyein Dress -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Grand Divina
Eremos CoatEremos Coat -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Arch Mage
Rune CoatRune Coat -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Rune Master
Ancient RobeAncient Robe -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Magus


Name Cost Location Class
CircletCirclet 42 Maia --
Witch HoodWitch Hood 184 Jad --
Emerald TiaraEmerald Tiara 820 Deen --
Panther HoodPanther Hood 990 Diorre --
Silver CircletSilver Circlet 2300 Cats --
White Snow VeilWhite Snow Veil 2795 Cats --
Mist VeilMist Veil 3630 Pedan Sorceress/Delvar
Moonstone TiaraMoonstone Tiara -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Sorceress/Delvar
Myein CrownMyein Crown -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Grand Divina
Eremos CrownEremos Crown -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Arch Mage
Rune VeilRune Veil -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Rune Master
Ancient TiaraAncient Tiara -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Magus


Name Cost Location Class
Jewel RingJewel Ring 70 Valsena --
Crystal RingCrystal Ring 154 Jad --
Mist PendantMist Pendant 645 Deen --
Protect RingProtect Ring 860 Deen, Mintos --
Snow CrystalSnow Crystal 2000 Cats Sorceress
FireblazeFireblaze 2150 Cats Delvar
Sage StoneSage Stone -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Sorceress/Delvar
Blizzard HairpinBlizzard Hairpin -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Grand Divina/Arch Mage
Magma HairpinMagma Hairpin -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Rune Master/Magus


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