From left to right: Balbo, Belbo, and Bulbo

Balbo, Belbo, and Bulbo, collectively known as the Bomb Brothers, are non-player characters from Children of Mana. Apprentices of Professor Bomb, they leave Ishe for Illusia Isle to research gems. To this end, they set up a shop in Mana Village, calling it Bomb Bros. R&D.


The three brothers are identical in basic appearance: small, pointed faces peeking out from a ball of what appear to be feathers, with small, featureless arms and legs which also end in points. Atop their bodies are giant feathers, as tall as they are, which curl forward and look similar to cowlicks.

The easiest way to tell the three apart is through their colouring: Balbo, the oldest, has red feathers and blue eyes; Belbo, the middle brother, has blue feathers and red eyes; and Bulbo, the youngest, has yellow feathers and purple eyes, as well as a significantly darker skin tone than his brothers.