Charlotte (シャルロット, Sharurotto) (Carlie in the fan translation) is one of the six main characters of Seiken Densetsu 3.


Charlotte, the self-described "cute little girl who lives in Wendel", is the granddaughter of the Priest of Light. Her parents were the cleric Leroy and the elf Shayla, who fell in love despite such unions between elves and humans being forbidden. After both her parents succumb to an illness, Charlotte is looked after by a fellow cleric, Heath, who becomes a sort of father-figure to her. One day, the Priest of Light senses an evil influence in the nearby Castle City Jadd and sends Heath to investigate. Charlotte overhears this conversation and, having a premonition of her own, sneaks out of Wendel to try to convince Heath to come back. Her fears prove to be well-founded when Deathjester suddenly appears and kidnaps Heath. Charlotte then decides to do her best to rescue Heath.

Charlotte shares many story elements with Kevin, who lost his wolf pup friend Karl because of one of Deathjester's spells. If either of them is chosen as the main hero in Seiken Densetsu 3, the main villain will be the Masked Mage and the final dungeon will be the Mirage Palace.


Charlotte is a somewhat stereotypical healer character, having poor combat skills but access to curative abilities. Once the Mana Spirit Wisp joins the heroes, Charlotte begins learning healing magic. She can learn a wider variety of spells after changing classes: her Light classes give her Light-element attack magic and the ability to add elemental attributes to weapons, and her Dark classes give her summons and a variety of detrimental spells for use on enemies.


Below is a list of Charlotte's classes. The first class change takes place at Level 18, while the second one takes place at Level 38, with the latter requiring specific items acquired from ??? Seeds.

Level Light Dark
L.1 Charlotte Cleric Sprite
L.18 Charlotte Priestess Sprite
Charlotte Enchantress Sprite
L.38 Charlotte Bishop Sprite
(Holy Water VialHoly Water Vial)
Charlotte Sage Sprite
(Bottle of SaltBottle of Salt)
Charlotte Necromancer Sprite
(Bottle of AshesBottle of Ashes)
Charlotte Evil Shaman Sprite
Evil Shaman
(Bottle of BloodBottle of Blood)

Skill AttacksEdit

Below is a list of skill attacks Charlotte learns across her different classes:

Level Light Dark
L.1 ぼかすか
L.18 じゃんぷ
L.38 はりせんちょっぷ
(Evil Shaman)


Charlotte is capable of learning several spells, which are mainly of a healing variety. She will also learn summoning spells when she chooses the Dark path at Level 18+.

Below is a table of spells Charlotte learns across her different classes:

Level Light Dark
L.1 Heal LightHeal Light
Tinkle RainTwinkle Rain
L.18 Holy BallHoly Ball
Diamond SaberDiamond Saber
Thunder SaberThunder Saber
Flame SaberFlame Saber
Ice SaberIce Saber
Heal LightHeal Light++
Heal LightHeal Light++
Unicorn Head (Summon)Unicorn Head
Machine Golem (Summon)MachineGolem
L.38 Saint SaberSaint Saber
Magic ShieldMagic Shield
Turn UndeadTurn Undead
Tinkle RainTwinkle Rain++
Holy BallHoly Ball++
Tinkle RainTwinkle Rain++
Saint BeamSaint Beam
Black CurseBlack Curse
Dark SaberDark Saber
Ghost (Summon)Ghost
Ghoul (Summon)Ghoul
Tinkle RainTwinkle Rain++
Anti MagicAnti Magic
Great Demon (Summon)Great Demon
Gremlin (Summon)Gremlin
Demon BreathDemon Breath
(Evil Shaman)
  • Note 1: Regardless of which class Charlotte changes to at Level 18+, her Heal Light spell will always be upgraded to be able to target all allies.
  • Note 2: Twinkle Rain will be upgraded to be able to target all allies when Charlotte class changes to a Bishop, Sage, or a Necromancer.
  • Note 3: Charlotte's 'Light' Saber spells will gain the ability to multi-target when she changes class into a Sage.



Name Cost Location Class
Hollow RodHollow Rod 28 Starting Weapon --
Wood FlailWood Flail 80 Astoria, Wendel, Maia --
Ball & ChainBall & Chain 184 Dwarf Village, Valsena --
Light FlailLight Flail 230 Byzel, Palo, Jad --
WarhammerWarhammer 405 Ghost Ship, Palo --
Steel MaulSteel Maul 820 Dark Priest Village --
Duck IronballDuck Ironball 1300 Elrand, Sultan, Deen --
Silver FlailSilver Flail 2480 Mintos Priestess
Heavy FlailHeavy Flail 2480 Mintos Enchantress
MorningstarMorning Star 2277 Diorre --
Heiro FlailHiero Flail 3170 Diorre Priestess
Puppet FlailPuppet Flail 3220 Diorre Enchantress
BlockbusterBlockbuster 3830 Altena, Deen, Mintos --
Mythril MaulMythril Maul 4000 Altena, Deen, Mintos Priestess
Troll MaulTroll Maul 4135 Altena, Deen, Mintos Enchantress
Cuneal MaulCuneal Maul 7200 Cats --
Holy FlailHoly Flail 7495 Cats Priestess
Thibula FlailThubula Flail 7600 Cats Enchantress
Gravity MaulGravity Maul 17230 Cats --
Ultima MaulUltima Maul 17470 Cats Priestess
BloodsuckerBloodsucker 17335 Cats Enchantress
Meteo FlailMeteo Flail 18080 Pedan --
MjolnirMjolnir 34270 Pedan Priestess
Satan FlailSatan Flail 32000 Pedan Enchantress
Vertina MaulVertina Maul -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Priestess/Enchantress
JudgementesJudgementes -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Bishop
Gigas FlailGigas Flail -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Sage
Maul of the DeadMaul of the Dead -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Necromancer
JuggernautJuggernaut -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Evil Shaman


Name Cost Location Class
Chibikko ArmorChibikko Armor 15 Starting Armor --
Lamb SuitLamb Suit 55 Wendel, Maia --
Priest's RobePriest's Robe 90 Dwarf Village, Valsena --
Popoie's RagsPopoie's Rags 154 Byzel, Palo --
Sailor DressSailor Dress 215 Ghost Ship, Palo --
Poto SuitPoto Suit 246 Dark Priest Village, Valsena --
Velvet CapeVelvet Cape 525 Elrand, Sultan, Deen, Mintos, Diorre --
Moogle SmockMoogle Smock 990 Mintos --
Pakkun SuitPakkun Suit 1900 Diorre --
Glint RobeGlint Robe 2100 Altena, Deen, Mintos --
Utsufushi RobeUtsufushi Robe 2930 Cats --
Golden RobeGolden Robe 3480 Cats Priestess
Silver RobeSilver Robe 3410 Cats Enchantress
Minister's RobeMinister's Robe 7200 Pedan Priestess
Shrine Girl RobeShrine Girl Robe 7200 Pedan Enchantress
Kurikara Robe 14Kurikara Robe 14 -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Priestess/Enchantress
Bishop's RobeBishop's Robe -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Bishop
Sage's RobeSage's Robe -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Sage
Undead SuitUndead Suit -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Necromancer
Bitium DressBitium Dress -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Evil Shaman


Name Cost Location Class
Cat-ear HoodCat-ear Hood 40 Maia --
Rabite HatRabite Hat 170 Jad --
Mog CapMog Cap 705 Deen --
Silk RibbonSilk Ribbon 990 Diorre --
Porobin HoodPorobin Hood 2100 Cats --
Holy Spirit HoodHoly Spirit Hood 2600 Cats --
Sunstone HatSunstone Hat 3335 Pedan --
Spiritus RibbonSpiritus Ribbon -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Priestess/Enchantress
Bishop's RibbonBishop's Ribbon -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Bishop
Sage's RibbonSage's Ribbon -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Sage
Undead RibbonUndead Ribbon -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Necromancer
Bitium RibbonBitium Ribbon -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Evil Shaman


Name Cost Location Class
Marble RingMarble Ring 58 Valsena --
Bunny EggBunny Egg 140 Jad --
Moon RingMoon Ring 705 Deen --
Protect EarringsProtect Earrings 990 Deen, Mintos --
Whitelight RingWhitelight Ring 1850 Cats Priestess
Blackshade RingBlackshade Ring 2200 Cats Enchantress
MatagamaMatagama -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Priestess/Enchantress
Moon FlowerMoon Flower -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Bishop/Sage
Black OnyxBlack Onyx -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Necromancer/Evil Shaman


  • Being half-elven, Charlotte appears to mature at a slower rate than normal humans, as she speaks and acts like a child even though she is fifteen years old when Seiken Densetsu 3 takes place.
  • Charlotte is unique in that she can join the party as the third character before the first boss, the Full Metal Hugger, making the battle considerably easier.


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