Dancing Rod (ダンシングロッド Danshingu roddo) is a technique used by Angela in Seiken Densetsu 3. She learns this tech only when she class changes into an Arch Mage. This tech allows her to enchant her staff to dance before her before stabbing selected targets relentlessly for heavy amounts of damage when her attack gauge meter turns red in color.


Angela will start off by moonsaulting in a backward direction. When she lands, she will position her hands before her, as her staff is observed to be floating before her. She then proceeds to clap her hands, whereupon her staff will begin contracting and expanding, in line with the rhythm of her claps. A sound, which resembles that of a cockerel's mocking crow, can be heard to emanate from the staff as it literally 'dances' in the air before Angela. Angela will finish off the move with one final clap, sending her staff flying, head first, towards the target. The staff is then observed to jab the target swiftly and relentlessly, causing mini explosions to erupt all round said target, before sailing back into Angela's hands.