The Dark Prince is one of the three main villains in Seiken Densetsu 3, and serves as the villain in Hawk and Riesz's storylines. His goal in the game is to take the power of the Sword of Mana and the eight God Beasts, and then merge the world with Mavolia (underworld), with himself as the ruler. He also desires for humans to worship the Mavolians.


The Dark Prince was once a human that was the heir and king of the Castle of Light. For unexplained reasons, he was hated and feared by his subjects. The creatures of Mavolia took advantage of this and made him an offer. In exchange for destroying his own kingdom, he would become their leader. He accepted the offer, and within the Mana Tree died at the hands of his brother while attempting to release the seal on the Mana Gate and fully open the door to Mavolia. Before his death he would betray and "kill" the Archdemon who so graciously took him in and thus, became the new Archdemon (though unbeknownst to him Anise survived his attempt long enough to be killed by the same person who killed him during his attempt to unseal the Mana Gate) attaining a new form in the process. After Zable Fahr escaped and then proceeded to destroy many nations - as well as plunge the world into a state of chaos for several centuries he later drew the Mana Stone of Darkness and Zable Fahr itself to Mavolia.


Dark Prince sketch

Two of the Dark Prince's minions, a shape-shifting creature called Bigieu and vampire-like entity named Jagan entered Fa'Diel to merge the Mavolia with Fa'Diel though he himself was dead, and could only exist in a spritual form in Mavolia. They launched attacks on the Mana Stones. Over time, because of attacks that were also made by the minions of the Dragon Emperor and the Masked Mage, all of the Mana Stones were broken. At this point, the heroes had gathered the spirits of each element and attempted to use them to open a portal to the Mana Holyland. They prove unsuccessful, but because of the energy released by the Mana Stones, the portal still opens. Bigieu and Jagan then went to the Mana Holyland in a silly looking airship. The events that happen next depend on whose the main character. If Duran or Angela is the main character, the parts of the Dark Prince's body needed for him to ressurect are destroyed the Dragon Emperor, or by the Masked Mage if Kevin or Carlie is the main character. If Hawk or Riez is the main character, then Bigieu and Jagan kill the Dragon Emperor and the Masked Mage, then after Hawk or Riez gains the Sword of Mana, the two demons kidnap Faerie and trade her for the sword, then they release the God Beasts. Off-screen, the Sword of Mana is used to allow the Dark Prince to resurrect his body in Fa'Diel, who watches the events unfold for his base the Dark Castle. After the God Beasts are killed, the heroes break into the Dark Castle, kill Jagan and Bigieu, and meet the Dark Prince. He absorbs the Sword of Mana and the power of the God Beasts, and offers the heroes a chance to serve him, which they predictably decline with Riez demanding her brother back with him refusing to give up the unconcious child. The Dark Prince prepares to kill them, but finds that the Goddess is restraining his power, and so he goes to the Mana Holyland to destroy the Tree of Mana to kill the Goddess. The heroes follow him, but he gets to the tree first and destroys it. Faerie attacks him, but he swats her away easily, turns into his true Archdemon form and devastates the heroes. They are, however, healed by Faerie, who tells the Archdemon that even if Mana fades away, as long as they have hope they will create a new world without it. The Archdemon scoffs hope as a "petty emotion" and the final battle begins. After a long fight, he's killed.


Archdemon First and Second Forms


The Dark Prince only fights in the game using the power gained from the Sword of Mana and the God Beasts in his Archdemon form. He uses high level elemental spell for a variety of elements, as well as some of the desperation attacks of the God Beasts. The ones he uses mostly have state lower effects on the targets. He switches elemental strengths and vulnerabilities throughout the battle, though non-elemental spells always have the same effect on him. After taking enough damage, the Archdemon transforms in a second, more menacing form. This one doesn't use nearly as much magic as before, the spells he uses during this phase are a time Power Up and Defense up. For the rest of the fight he relies on attacks of the God-Beasts he used during his first form, but two are replaced with his only unique moves, his attack lowering Demon Scream, and his most powerful attack, Catastrophe.

He is an extremely strong enemy and is viewed by most fans as the most difficult of the three final bosses in Seiken Densetsu 3.


Magic - Part One

Earthquake - Level 2 Earth-based magic

Stone Cloud - Level 3 Earth-based magic

Dark Force - Level 2 Shadow-based magic

Black Curse - lowers all stats of target

Death Spell - Instantly kills one target if lower level than caster

Body Change - Pygmizes (shrinks) entire party

Half Vanish - Halves target's current HP

Stun Wind - Level 3 Wind-based magic, causes Silence

Thunderstorm - Level 2 Wind-based magic

Mega Splash - Level 2 Water-based magic

Cold Blaze - Level 3 Water-based magic, turns target into Snowman

Exploder - Level 2 Fire-based magic

Blaze Wall - Level 3 Fire-based magic

Special Attacks - Part One

Hypercannon (Earth) - hits party for heavy magical damage, lowers hit and evade rates

Hell Cross (Dark) - hits party for heavy magical damage

Spiral Moon (Moon) - lowers Maximum HP of party

Air Slasher (Wind) - Powerful Wind-based spell, lowers defense of party

Ice Cradle (Water) - Powerful Water-based spell, lowers attack power of party

Gigaburn (Fire) - Powerful Fire-based spell, lowers magic effectiveness/resistance of party

Magic - Part Two

Power Up - raises target's attack power

Protect Up - raises target's defense power

Black Curse - lowers all stats of target

Special Attacks - Part Two

Air Slasher - Powerful wind-based spell, lowers defense of party

Gigaburn - Powerful Fire-based spell, lowers magic effectiveness/resistance of party

Hypercannon - hits party for heavy magical damage

Demon Scream - hits one target for small magical damage, lowers target's attack power

Demon Breath - hits party for moderate Shadow-based damage, lowers party's magic effectiveness/resistance

Hell Cross - hits party for heavy magical damage

Catastrophe - Archdemon's strongest attack, hits party for massive magical damage



  • Although Bigieu is strongly implied to have romantic feelings for the Dark Prince, he doesn't care about her and when he finds that she was killed, he dismisses her as an "acceptable loss."
  • Unlike the other villains, the Dark Prince is met after the game's penultimate boss fight, as opposed to before.
  • His Japanese name actually means Dark Lord though since he is refered to as the heir of his kingdom it was assumed by the Fan translation that he was a prince and not an ascendant king.

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