Dark Stalker (remake)

The Dark Stalker from the remake

The Dark Stalker is the only mini-boss that later reappers as a normal enemy. It is a form used by Sheex for stealth and battle.


  • HP: 510
  • MP: 60
  • EXP: 1219
  • GP: 0
  • Weapon Orb: Sword (from the King)
  • Weakness: Lumina
  • Location: Tasnica Castle


Dark Stalker

Dark Stalker

Purim's your girl of choice for this fight. Make sure her light magic is at level 7, and have her cast Lucent Beam and the fight is over. You win. Even at a weaker level, Lucent Beam can get rid of him in a few blows.

Should you decide to fight without magic, have Primm cast Light Magic on your weapons and gang up on him with strong concentrated attacks. No matter how you fight, he poses little trouble. Dark Stalker strikes hard with his swords, throws shurikens, casts Ice Saber on himself, and vanish into shadows to teleport.

Enemies Dark Stalker fight the same way, but with you being at a higher level, they are even easier to dispatch