Detective Story

  • Location: Town of Wendel
  • Quest Availability: Waking Up in Ishe - Before Entering Dime Tower
  • Item Need: Keepsake Pendant
  • Reward Get: Tiny Tapper, 200 Lucre

Go to the Wendel Cathedral at Night, where "Inger" will tell you something has been stolen. Talk to her before you leave the screen, and tell her you will find the thief. Your job is to catch the thief.

Go to the screen with the Blacksmith and Inn. The thief is near the bottom left of the screen, and is visible between a crate and a rooftop (at night). Talk to him to "catch" him. He will run off again, so you must find him again.

Next, head to the General Store (any time seems to be fine), where you will find him on the right side of the room. Talk to him and he will disappear again.

This next part is VERY important! Go to the Inn and spend the night. When you wake up, it should be Sunrise. It is very hard to achieve this time here any other way than sleeping at the Inn. Anyway, go to the left of the part Blacksmith that just out. This is the thief's final hiding place. The thief will give back the Keepsake Pendant to you.

Return to the Cathedral and speak to Inger, who will give you the Tiny Tapper and 200 Lucre! QUEST CLEAR! The Tiny Tapper has the ability to shrink/grow you. Find it in the Mystery Items menu.

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