Diamond Missile (ダイヤミサイル daiya misairu) is an Earth spell in Seiken Densetsu 3. It is the most basic attack spell of the Earth element. Users include Jewel Eater, Land Umber, Koren and the Archdemon. This spell can also be learnt from Angela when she reaches 7 Intelligence.


When cast upon a standalone enemy, six diamond shards will rise up out of the ground, that which hover around them before honing in and striking them.

When the spell is cast upon all enemies on a given battlefield, gargantuan diamonds will first be posited on the heads of each and every one of the enemies. A beaming ring of light will then encircle the immediate vicinity, whereupon each individual diamond will explode into six shards each, that which hone in on the enemies and strike them.


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