Dime Tower is an important location in Final Fantasy Adventure and its remakes, Sword of Mana and Adventures of Mana. Much like the mythical Tower of Babel, the Dime Tower was intended to reach the Moon and allow for directly communicating with the Mana Goddess.

Story Edit

Emperor Vandole had this tower built as part of his quest to arrogate the power of Mana. He devoted all the world's Mana to Dime Tower, along with his artillery-powered airship and arming his army of monsters. He believed that allocating Mana power this way would allow for civilization to develop.

In Vandole's empire, civilization did indeed develop, but with it came a sharp rise in crime and corruption. Vandole reacted with draconian laws that cruelly punished the people. Ironically, despite the technological progress, the construction of Dime Tower would usher in a Dark Age.