Domina (ドミナの町 Domina no machi) is a Land from Legend of Mana. Functioning as the hometown of the Hero/Heroine, Domina is the first land apart from Home that they are able to traverse, serving as the vantage point for them to begin their quest to retrieve Artifacts and construct the world of Fa'Diel.



Niccolo's ArcEdit

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Basic OverviewEdit

Land Artifact Mana Levels LoM Land Encyclopaedia Icon Encyclopaedia Description
LoM Domina Sprite
LoM AF Colored Blocks Sprite

LoM Overworld Wisp Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank
LoM Overworld Shade Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank
LoM Overworld Dryad Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank
LoM Overworld Aura Sprite LoM Mana Meter Aura 2
LoM Overworld Salamander Sprite LoM Mana Meter Salamander 1
LoM Overworld Gnome Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank
LoM Overworld Jinn Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank
LoM Overworld Undine Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank

A lively town frequented by traveling merchants and entertainers.
The outskirts boast a church with a fabulous view of the countryside.


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