Elinee Depowered

Elinee after losing her powers

Elinee (エリニース Erinīsu) is a character from Secret of Mana. She is a witch who lives in a castle deep within the forests of the southern continent, from which she carries out Thanatos' requests to turn the people of Pandora into zombies in exchange for magical herbs that have stopped growing in the forest. She captured Dyluck and his troops, but sent Dyluck to Thanatos as he was proving to be too much hassle for her to handle. She keeps a demon tiger called Spiky.

After she and her pet were defeated by Randi, Primm, and Popoi, Elinee was reduced to a powerless old woman.


  • Elinee's Japanese name sounds similar to Erinyes, which refers to the three goddesses of vengeance from Greek mythology.