Evil GateEvil Gate (イビルゲート Ibiru gēto) is a Dark spell that hails from Seiken Densetsu 3. Manifesting as the most basic of dark spells, Evil Gate is used by such nefarious boss enemies like Gorva, Zable Fahr, the Deathjester, Koren, Jagan, the Archdemon and the infamous Black Rabite. This spell can also be learnt by Angela when her Intelligence stat reaches 9 in her initial Magician class.


When cast upon a standalone enemy, a small portal of portent darkness will open up in close proximity to them, whereupon a vortex of fell darkness will suck them in and engulf them before dissipating.

On the other hand, when the spell is cast upon all enemies on a given battlefield, the same portal of odious darkness will similarly appear, albeit one that fills up the entirety of the immediate surroundings and ensnare all enemies.


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