For Charlotte's Dark-Dark class, also called Evil Shaman, go here.

Evil Shamen are enemies found within the game, Seiken Densetsu 3. They are basically an enemy equivalent to Charlotte's Dark-Dark class, Evil Shaman.


Evil Shamen are usually located within the Jungle of Illusion or the Dark Castle. As a result, these enemies are only found if either Charlotte or Kevin is the main character as if neither are the main character, then the player is only allowed to explore the area around the town of Pedda. Evil Shamen are also meant to emulate Charlotte's Evil Shaman class, and the spells that they possess are indeed of Charlotte's Dark-Dark class, and a few from Charlotte's neutral class, Cleric, such as Heal Light and Twinkle Rain.


Once Evil Shamen are injured, they start to spam Heal Light to themselves or their allies, and they can heal status effects cast on them using Twinkle Rain. Evil Shamen can also use Anti Magic to erase any magic enhancements on one of the party members. The Evil Shamen's strongest weapon happens to be their summoning magic.

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