The Fire Palace is home to Salamando but he is not found there. Instead, he is found stuck in a oven in the Paradise in the middle of the Ice Country.


Path to Fire PalaceEdit

Fire Palace Entrance

Fire Palace Entrance

First, leave Kakkara (by going south). In the desert, go south, then left, then north.

Here is the entrance to the Fire Palace. Beat the crap out of the Sand Stingers, then head up a platform. Watch out, though; there are Spider Legs lurking right in front of the stairs. And guarding the entrance are Robin Foots trying to launch arrows in you.

Fire PalaceEdit


Fire Palace Map

Inside, watch out for the two Robin Foots that attack you from both sides. After you beat them, you will see that you have to go north, but that the passage is impassable. There is a path to the left and to the right; go left first. Move on, and you will ultimately arrive in a large area that appears to be the core of a volcano with a Crystal Orb! Have the girl use Sylphid's Analyzer-spell on it to discover Salamando works on it and use Exploder to continue. Watch out for the Dark Funks and continue to the next room.

Here is a Red Drop; quickly waste it. As for the room, there are many, many paths you can take. The upper-left/-right areas are empty, and in the middle, you can go north to continue, or south to return to the entrance. And in the lower-left corner is a hidden passage; it appears to be a dead-end, but leads in fact to a chest with 1000 GP! So be sure to take it, and then take the north path.

Another Crystal Orb. This time it is Fireball you have to use, so use it. After you open up a long path, move on until you reach a split. Go north first, as there is more cash waiting! After you get another bag of 1000 GP, head back and take a right, up the stairs. The path is simple; first take the stairs in the upper-left corner. It leads eventually to an Axe's Orb!

Once you have it in your possession, return and go down the other set of stairs. A large portion from here on is pretty much following the trail. In the room with a platform and a switch, step on that switch. The wall to the right disappears, enabling you to continue. Ready your Whip, and cross chasms. Go up the flight of stairs, and again.

Minotaur Boss Battle

Minotaur Boss Battle

There are fire bowls all over the place; step on the switch and they will all light up! A Crystal Orb appears as well, which is vulnerable to Undine. After using Freeze, all bowls dim, except for two. Stand in-between them, and the platform very unrealistically makes place for stairs, leading you to a boss battle.

After the boss battle, the path to the stage will open. Go up and interact with the Fire Seed, gaining its powers and enabling your magic to go up to a level of 4! Use the Magic Rope to leave and return to Kakkara.