FireballFireball (ファイアボール Faia bōru) is a Fire spell that hails from Seiken Densetsu 3. Serving as the most basic of fire spells, Fireball is used by a diversity of boss enemies, including the likes of Genova, Xan Bie, Koren and the Archdemon. This spell can also be learnt by Angela when her Intelligence stat reaches 10 in her initial Magician class.


When cast upon a standalone enemy, the caster will summon three balls of flame, that which will disperse and swirl around said enemy momentarily. They will then hone in and encase him/her/it in a pillar of flame before dissipating.

Alternatively, when cast upon all enemies on the battlefield, the caster will instead summon a multiplicity of flame balls instead, that which will zip around their targets in an animated fashion before honing in and encasing them in a pillar of flame before fading away.


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