Flamekhan, later Lord Flamekhan. An antagonist in both Heroes of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3. He is a high ranking warrior of Nevarl, and right and man to Olbex, who he later succeeds as the leader of Nevarl. He is the father of Falcon and consequently the Grandfather of Hawkeye. He is also the father of Eagle and Jessica, though they are from his second wife.

In Heroes of ManaEdit

Flamekhan tries to carry out the sentence of death against his own daughter for the crime of deserting Nevarl. He is very bitter about the fact that Nevarl has less wealth and fortune than the other countries and believes them to be exploiting Nevarl. Although he hunts down Falcon it is clear that he still has fatherly feelings for her, which is the main reason he later accepts Falcons request to raise Hawkeye in her stead if something should ever happen to her. His code of honor forbids him to raise the child of a traitor, but he accepts raising him as an orphan with unknown heritage.

In SD3Edit


Lord Flamekhan is the current leader of Nevarl. He has been manipulated by Isabella to join her agenda and declare war on the other countries.

Circle of ManaEdit

Rank Image Classes Quote
SUR SUR 1181 SUR 1182 SUR 1183 SUR 1184 Thief