Flammie (フラミー Furamī) is a recurring character in the Mana games.


In terms of story, the Flammies were created by the Moon Gods, and are part of an endless cycle of destruction and rebirth as the stronger versions of Flammies - known as Mana Beasts, or God Beasts.

In GameEdit

Flammie, sometimes spelled Flammy, is the name of a fictional species of flying dragons, as well as the proper name given to some members of the species, featured in several games of the series. A Flammie's appearance is based on a fluffy dragon.

Flammies typically serve as a means of transportation in the game by allowing a player's characters to ride on a Flammie's back to different locations in the game's world.

In Secret of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3, the Super Nintendo's Mode 7 graphics capabilities allow the player to control a Flammie from either a "behind the back" third-person or top-down perspective, and fly over the landscape as it scrolls beneath them.

In Children of Mana, the player selects on a world map a number of destinations he or she wishes to fly to with a Flammie.

In Dawn of Mana, a Flammie is referred to as a sacred beast or "the sacred beast" and has ended up saving and helping the protagonist of that story for short periods of time. The Flammie is not controllable during gameplay, only appearing in cut-scenes during the story mode. The feather worn by the protagonist is most likely one created by a Flammie.