Gaia is a recurring character in the Mana series. He is the guardian of earth. He is in many regards similar to Treant the guardian of nature who he is linked to in one way or another in most games.

In Secret of ManaEdit

There is a location called "Gaia's Navel", which might be an retroactive reference to him.

In Sword of ManaEdit

There is a dungeon known as Gaia's Cave and the path leading there is Gaia's Facade. Gaia also appears as one of the Seven Wisdoms. 75 Amigos are required to receive the Gaia card.

In Children of ManaEdit

Gaia and Treant appear to the player in order to assist them against the Mana Lord. Both of them were also involved in the events ten years ago, but dissapeared afterwards and were not seen till the events of Children of Mana.

In Heroes of ManaEdit

Crystalized forms of Gaia's power, Gaia Stones, are found all over the world. They are one of the two resources needed to build and summon units, the other one being Treant berries.

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