Jema (remake)

Artwork of Gemma from the remake

Gemma (ジェマ Jema), also known as Jema prior to the 3D remake, is a major supporting character from Secret of Mana.

Gemma is a knight of the Old Republic, hailing from the Kingdom of Tasnica, who fought alongside Serin during the last war against the Empire. While quite aged, he remains a formidable warrior and a wise and generous man, known and respected throughout Fa'Diel, with numerous friends and allies in all countries.

At the start of the game, Gemma traveled to Potos, with the intent to recover the Mana Sword and use it in the fight against the Empire's plans to revive the Mana Fortress. An earthquake hits while he is resting at Potos' inn, and he helps Randi to prevent the Mantis Ant from attacking the village, teaching him how to fight with his sword and reviving him whenever he falls.

Gemma recognizes Randi as the new Mana Knight, the true wielder of the Mana Sword and the one who could topple the Empire for good. He directs him to the Water Palace, to speak with his old friend Luka for guidance.

From then on, Gemma guides Randi, Primm and Popoi through their journey to fight the Empire, providing priceless intel and directions, and vouching for them to all of his allies.


Trivia Edit

  • Gemma's name is also that of the Mana Tree seed introduced in Seiken Densetsu/Final Fantasy Adventure/Sword of Mana/Adventures of Mana, and may also be a reference to the order of knights sworn to protect the seed.
  • In all versions, Gemma bears a strong resemblance to Bogard in both his appearance and role in the story; both were knights in a prior generation, and both pass the torch to the present-day heroes.