General Store Ads

  • Location: Town of Wendel
  • Quest Availability: First Arrival in Wendel - Before Entering Dime Tower
  • Item Need: None
  • Reward Get: Dudbears Gold and 440 Lucre

Go to the Wendel General Store and speak with Dohmi. He will ask you to pass out some leaflets to get people to come into the store. Tell him yes. You now have to give out 15 Leaflets. Here are the people you can give them to, their locations, and what times they appear:


  • 1) Wendel Woman - General Store (All)
  • 2) Wendel Gentleman - Outside, walking a bit northwest of General Store (All)
  • 3) Wendel Woman - Outside, walking a bit northwest of General Store (Morning-Evening)
  • 4) Suspicious Guy - Outside, walking a bit northwest of General Store (Night)
  • 5) Wendel Grandfather - Outside, near the center of town (All)
  • 6) Traveling Man - Outside, near the center of town (Night)
  • 7) Guy Who Won't Work - Wendel Residence, second floor (All)


  • 8) Wendel Girl - Outside, near the Blacksmith (All)
  • 9) Wendel Gentleman - Outside, near fountain (Morning-Night)
  • 10) Wendel Gentleman - Outside, near fountain (All)
  • 11) Wendel Maiden - Outside, near fountain (All)
  • 12) Sodje - Outside, near fountain (Evening)
  • 13) Blacksmith's Son - Blacksmith (All)
  • 14) Traveling Youth - Inn (All)
  • 15) Unkempt Vagabond - Inn, upper-right room (Night)

Remember that time cycles as follows: Morning (Sunrise), Day, Evening (Sunset), Night, back to Morning. If you still have on Leaflet left, you are probably missing Sodje, who appears only at Evening (Sunset). To get to the town during the Evening, try staying at the Inn overnight. You will wake up during the Morning, which will allow you to cycle through the time so you can get to Wendel during the Evening. Also, you could save at the Statue in Wendel, walk around until it is Evening, then use the Magic Rope to return to town. Anyway, once you have handed out all of the Leaflets, return to Dohmi, who will give you 440 Lucre as well as a Dudbears Gold.

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