Goremand is an antagonist in Sword of Mana. Goremand is notable for his resemblance to Deathjester of Seiken Densetsu 3. The two have similar appearances and modus operandi. The two may in fact be canonically the same character, but there exists no other evidence of this.


Goremand's name is a portmanteau of "gore" and "gourmand," adding to his motif as a villain to eats the souls of his victims. This matches with Deathjester, whose original Japanese name is "Deatheater."


Goremand is a Mavole in the employ of Dark Lord. He first appears in Devius's Manor, eating the soul of Dark Lord's brother Devius after Devius failed to kill the player character.

Duke and Elena encounter Goremand again alongside Isabella and Dark Lord on the roof of Dark Lord's mansion. Dark Lord fights the heroes, ordering his minions not to interfere.

Dark Lord loses and is mortally wounded. Goremand, now loyal to Julius, eats Dark Lord's soul and demands the Mana Pendant from Isabella. Isabella, who hates Goremand, refuses and tries to kill him. Isabella loses the fight and Goremand obtains the pendant for Julius.