Hexas is the true form of Fanha. Her Japanese name reveals her to be Malyris.





  • HP: 3465
  • MP: 69
  • EXP: 20103
  • GP: 14400
  • Weapon Orb: Whip
  • Weakness: None
  • Location: Tree Palace


All magic should to be at level 7, and weapons should be upgraded. Your levels should be somewhere around 50+.

Hexas is one annoying boss. She likes to shrink people with her Midget attack so just counter that with the Midge Mallet. Also, Dispel Magic will be coming out like crazy in this fight, so don't even bother casting support spells.

During the fight, pay attention to the color of her tail. Depending on the color, she will cast different spells. If it's blue, she will use Freeze or Acid Storm. Brown means you're going to be assaulted with Gnome magic. Red means burnage is coming your way, by Lava Wave and or Fireball spells, and pink means she's using wind against you.

No matter what color she is, she has no weakness, so Popoi is again free to cast anything he wants, although level 7 Burst will basically own Hexas. Purim should heal when necessary and Randi should be attacking. Or, you could just be cheap and have Popoi cast Magic Absorb until Hexas runs out of MP.

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