Illusia is the setting for the games Dawn of Mana and Children of Mana. It is a small land mass in the center of the world that houses the Mana Tree.


Dawn of Mana Edit

The sacred isle of Illusia is home to the Great Tree. Because of the legends about The Great Tree the residents of Topple, Lorimar, Jadd, Wendell, and Ishe stayed away from the island because they believed in not setting foot on its sacred ground. It remained that way until Stroud brought his army with him and broke the peace of Illusia. The inside of The Great Tree holds the Door to Mavolia. That area is where Keldy recieved the Great Tree's seed, and deeper in the tree's caverns is where Ritzia and Keldy met Faye, the spirit child. The Great Tree, for a long time, turned to stone and appeared dormant but many years later it came back to life.

Children of Mana Edit

The Island is still inhabited after the events of Dawn of Mana and a small village has formed on the isle where researchers, orphans, and various survivors of the Cataclysm now make their home and study Mana. It serves as the home base for the heroes as they fight to stop the Mana Lord and the Mana Surge he is causing.

Other Games Edit

In other games in the series, Illusia exists in a separate dimension. In Seiken Densetsu 3, this dimension is called the Holy Land. This dimension is where the final battle often takes place.


Dawn of Mana Edit

Children of Mana Edit


Dawn of Mana Edit

Children of Mana Edit


Dawn Of Mana Edit


  • Goblins
  • Needle Beaks
  • Du Rams

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