Jaberwocky has two variants: Jaberwocky and Hydra.





  • HP: 950
  • MP: 90
  • EXP: 800
  • GP: 768
  • Weapon Orb: Bow
  • Weakness: Salamando (but you have not acquired him yet)
  • Location: Water Palace


Make sure your characters are at least level 15 or above, and have all your weapons leveled up. Also, if you bought Cobra Bracelets from Pandora, you won't be poisoned by Jabberwocky's Poison Breath attack. This can be a hard fight if you're not careful.

If he hits a character with one of his heads, usually the character will end up paralyzed, so watch out for that. His most annoying attack is Poison Breath, which hits everyone, and poisons them. To remove poison, just have Purim cast a multi-target level 2 Remedy. Jabberwocky has a weakness to fire naturally, but unfortunately you do not have fire magic yet. So, Popoi will have to stick to Earth Slide instead. Purim should cast level 2 Cure Water if anyone is low, and Randi should be using a level 3 weapon (either Sword or Spear). Take your time and you will eventually win.





  • HP: 3382
  • MP: 99
  • EXP: 12439
  • GP: 3600
  • Weapon Orb: Whip
  • Weakness: Salamando
  • Location: Underground City


Hydra's not too hard - he is just like Jabberwocky from the Water Palace, only Hydra tends to regenerate more often. Have Randi use a powerful weapon like the spear and nail him with a power attack. Since Hydra's Current attack will not be of much effect, you can have Purim assist Popoi in casting fire spells, if you'd like. Exploder, Lava Wave, Fireball, Fire Bouquet, and Blaze Wall are all excellent choices in what to smack down Hydra with.

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