Krissie with two other Resistance members

Krissie (クリス Kurisu) is a supporting character in Secret of Mana. She is the 18-year-old leader of the Resistance, a group of rebels who oppose the Vandole Empire. While she is very mature and responsible, there are signs that the untimely death of her father (who founded the Resistance 15 years ago) left her traumatized.

The party first meets Krissie after passing through the Sewers to reach a cafe in Northtown that serves as a Resistance base. She welcomes them aboard and suggests that they investigate the strange goings-on at the nearby Northtown Ruins. When Primm meets a mind-controlled Phanna there and knocks her unconscious, Krissie takes her in while the party explores the ruins. Afterward, she is invited to the Imperial Palace for peace talks with Emperor Vandole, but is arrested and imprisoned in a cell beneath the palace along with several other members of the Resistance. The party, however, releases them after defeating the Metal Mantis.

Later, as the party is making its way through the Grand Palace, Krissie leads a small band of Resistance fighters who come to support them. If they talk to her, she will provide them with free healing.