Lake Kilma (キルマ湖 Kiruma mizūmi) is a Land from Legend of Mana. Encircled by a ring of mountains, Lake Kilma is said to possess incredible treasure within its depths, protected from the meddlesome reach of outsiders by the Gorgon Eye. The woods that take root around the lake's circumference are known to be inhabited by Faeries, ones who call the Gorgon Eye their master.


Bud and Lisa's ArcEdit

The Seven WisdomsEdit

Pirate Penguins' ArcEdit

The Gorgon EyeEdit

Faerie ArcEdit

In Search of FaeriesEdit


Professor Bomb's LabEdit


Basic OverviewEdit

Land Artifact Mana Levels LoM Land Encyclopaedia Icon Encyclopaedia Description
LoM Lake Kilma Sprite
Lake Kilma
LoM AF Stone Eye Sprite
Stone Eye

LoM Overworld Wisp Sprite LoM Mana Meter Wisp 1
LoM Overworld Shade Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank
LoM Overworld Dryad Sprite LoM Mana Meter Dryad 1
LoM Overworld Aura Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank
LoM Overworld Salamander Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank
LoM Overworld Gnome Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank
LoM Overworld Jinn Sprite LoM Mana Meter Blank
LoM Overworld Undine Sprite LoM Mana Meter Undine 1

This sizeable lake is surrounded by quiet, forested mountains.
Faeries, servants of the lake, are often witnessed there.
Some say that incredible treasure lies under the lake.

Monster DataEdit


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