Land Umber is the God-Beast of Earth. It appears as a boss in Seiken Densetsu 3 and takes the form of a monster made out of rocks. Though it is assumed to be sentient, Land Umber doesn't display any personality aside from a desire or instinct for destruction.


Land Umber was described as being an "incarnation of disaster" that existed before the world had been fully born. It wrought destruction on existence until the Goddess of Mana defeated it with the Sword of Mana and sealed it away inside the Mana Stone of Earth.


When the villains in Seiken Denestsu 3 obtain the Sword of Mana, they release the God-Beasts from the Mana Stones. Once released, Land Umber remains near the former location of the Earth Mana Stone in Gemstone Valley Dorian in order to build its strength in preparation for wreaking havoc across the land. As a result, the God-Beast becomes stronger depending on how many of its brethren the heroes have defeated before they challenge it.


When the heroes reach the end of the Gemstone Valley, Land Umber forms itself from the stones around the area and engages them.

As an Earth-elemental creature, Land Umber is weak to Wind-based attacks and magic. It is also healed by Earth-based attacks and magic.


Attack -

Iron Claw (one)

Hammer Punch (one)

Crash Ball (one)

Magic -

Earthquake (all) - Level 2 Earth spell

Stone Cloud (one) - Level 3 Earth spell; petrifying effect

Protect Up - Raises defense; casts on self at 1/4 HP

Special Attacks -

Hyper Cannon (all)


Land Umber reappears in Children of Mana. It had fused with Fiegmund and formed Landmund. After Landmund's defeat, it returned to its natural state. A sidequest given by Gnome allows the player to seek out Land Umber for advice.