Lekius, or Leks, is Keldy and Ritzia's longtime friend, and part of the Village Guard. He is a skilled archer and can fire three arrows at once from his bow. He, Ritzia, and Keldy get along well, but Leks seems to be frustrated with Keldy because Ritzia is so close to him.


Leks is part of the Village Guard, and he helps Keldy escape the Lormarian Army so he can go after Ritzia when she's held captive by the Lormarian soldiers. He is a loyal friend, and despite possibly being jealous of Keldy because Ritzia is close to him (maybe more than a friend) he would never betray Keldy or pass up a chance to help him.

But Leks, sadly, was in front of the door to Mavolia when Ritzia opened it, so he was turned into a Grimslie form and fought against Keldy.


Leks, in his Grimslie form, is a tough opponent to beat. He can make himself invisible while he shoots arrows. The best thing to do is, when a glimpse is caught of him, is to shoot a Dryad, Luna, or Shade token which will stun him. A helpful thing to do is to ring the bell in the middle of the battlefield, which will make Leks appear.


  • "How could it ever be cursed? Illusia is a holy place, a sanctuary!"
  • "Uh...what was that?" -Leks, seeing Faye for the first time
  • "When the time comes, you'll wish you'd...taken the advice of friend..."

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