The Mana Goddess is a recurring figure within the Mana mythos. She is sometimes shown as the spirit of the Mana Tree; other times she is a person born into the role.

Seiken Densetsu 3 Edit

Legend of Mana Edit

A twinkling consciousness

became a star which sparkled

in the night and banished the darkness.

The Mana Goddess acquired consciousness

by gazing into the light of that sun.

She made Fa'Diel, a great land,

but so far and empty one.

The Mana Goddess is said to be the creator of Fa'Diel and the spirit of the Mana Tree itself. She became corrupted and her tree rotten by the monsters that plagued her land and tried to use Mana for their own gain. Finally a savior rose up and restored the land by awakening the artifacts that sealed Fa'Diel and finally slew the corrupted Mana Goddess at her own request. The Mana Goddess then becomes a Sproutling and planted herself in the Mana Tree's rotten trunk and then called upon the other Sproutlings to join together to restore the Mana Tree to its former glory.

The Mana Goddess serves as the game's final boss.

Dawn of Mana Edit

Dawn of Mana deals with the origins of the Mana Goddess within the context of the World of Mana mythos.

Children of Mana Edit

The Mana Goddess is mentioned several times in the story.

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