Mana Magic is a special ability that is granted by the spirit Dryad during Secret of Mana, and later becomes a vital component of the story. This magic works like the other weapon enchantments in the game, but this ability is unique in that it has the ability to temporarily revive the Mana Sword. The spell is available to both the support magic user (Purim) and the offensive caster (Popoi), and it must be cast by both magicians to revive the Mana Sword.

The spell itself is technically a stop-gap measure. Although Dryad appears to be the highest of the mana spirits (given her being entrusted with the Grand Palace and the final Mana Seed on the lost continent), she does not posess the power of the Mana Tree itself and is unable to permanently revive the sword. The spell would only be necessary if the Mana Tree was no longer able to restore the blade. Aware of this fact, Thanatos sealed the spell shortly before raising the Lost Continent and gaining access to the Mana Fortress. Once the Mana Tree was destroyed, Dryad's Mana Magic became the only way to revive the sword and bring down the fortress. After a final battle that resulted in the destruction of Thanatos, the seal dissolved and granted Randi's party the ability to revive the blade and confront the Mana Beast.

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