Mavole Blood

  • Location: Topple Village
  • Quest Availability: First Arrival in Topple - Before Entering Dime Tower
  • Item Need: Blood Pouch (x10)
  • Reward Get: 100 Lucre, 500 Lucre, or 1000 Lucre and Dudbears Gold

Go to Topple Village. At night, go to the second floor of the Topple Inn and speak to Blassie III. He will ask for some Blood Pouches, which are dropped by Batmos (albeit very rarely - there is only a 10% chance that, if they drop a Chest, it will contain it). Speak with him again, and if you have 10 Blood Pouches, he will give you 1000 Lucre and a Dudbears Gold. If you have 5, he will give you 500 Lucre. One Blood Pouch will earn you 100 Lucre.

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