Mavolia is a reoccuring location, or rather realm, in the Mana series. It is inhabited by the Mavole (also known as Grimslies) and the Thanatos (servants of the Echoes) who create them. In Heroes of Mana it was stated that Mavolia came to be due to Anise's curse against Mana. It is akin to some sort of demon realm or underworld, and in fact many of the early Mana games call it just that, most likely because consistent localisation/translation did not really exist in the Mana series up until World of Mana. Many of the series Antagonists have been Mavole or had connections to them. During the events of Sword of Mana, however, some Mavole and humans have formed friendships or even romantic relationships and it seems as if the conflict between humans and Mavole is not as strong as it once was.

List of known Mavole by gameEdit

Sword of ManaEdit

Secret of ManaEdit

Seiken Densetsu 3Edit

Dawn of ManaEdit

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