Medusa as a boss

Medusa is the mother of Devius and Dark Lord and the wife of Lord Granz. She is one of the three bosses in Sword of Mana unique to the Hero, the other two being Jackal and Ankheg.


  • HP: 355
  • Power: 38
  • Intelligence: 40
  • Defense: 35
  • Mind: 36
  • Agility: 27
  • Experience: 60


Medusa's attacks can make this battle quite difficult. Her most annoying attack is this Light Ball she throws at you that if it hits you, it Petrifies you, knocking off 1/2 your HP. She can also Poison you and release Asps on you which are all annoying. If you want to make this easy for yourself, try using Jinn, as if you are a Class that is good with Magic or even if not, Jinn will REALLY hurt her. Either way, just assault her as best as you can, heal when needed and you wll come out on top.