New Adventurer

  • Location: Town of Ishe
  • Quest Availability: Waking Up in Ishe - Before Entering Dime Tower
  • Item Need: None
  • Reward Get: Cancun Feather

Go the the Ishe General Store and talk to Abdul. Answer his questions with "L Button + A Button" and then either of the two choices. He will give you a Cancun Feather to thank you. In the same store, speak with Messier. He will offer you 50 Lucre for the Feather, but decline his offer. Talk to Abdul again, who will ask for the Feather back so he can sell it. Give it back to him, and then talk to Messier again. He will laud your good behavior and give you Dudbears Gold for being so helpful to new adventurers. QUEST CLEAR!

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