Niccolo (ニキータ Nikīta, lit. Nikita in the Japanese versions) is a character who first debuts in Legend of Mana. Niccolo is an anthropomorphic rabbit who works as a traveling salesman, one who believes that he brings happiness to his customers with his transactions. In reality, Niccolo's avaricious, miserly ways are ones that have seen him swindling quite a number of characters with well-played tricks, some of whom include Kristie, Sotherbee and Teapo. He is said to dislike the Sproutlings and the Flowerlings.

Niccolo returns in Sword of Mana as a traveling salesman yet again, and can occasionally be found wandering through dungeons and the field map, in hopes of securing sales with unsuspecting clients.


Legend of ManaEdit

Sword of ManaEdit

Depending on whose storyline is being played, Niccolo is encountered in two locations; in the Hero's storyline, he is seen fishing in a lake where he "catches" the hero after he is thrown off the bridge of Granz Castle; in the Heroine's storyline, he is met in the nearby village of Topple, where he gives the player (regardless of protagonist) Popoi's Notebook, as well as advice about Mana Statues.


Niccolo seems to be a bit selfish, at least in the English version of Sword of Mana. Early on in the Heroine's story, you can overhear him muttering to himself about what to do with the ratty old notebook he found (which is then sold to you as Popoi's Notebook for 10 lucre). The only reason why he saves the Hero is because he thought he caught a massive fish and then remembered something about how being a good Samaritan is a good way to get customers.


Legend of ManaEdit

Character InformationEdit

Portrait(s) Sprite(s) LoM Character Encyclopedia Icon Encyclopaedia Description
LoM Niccolo Portrait
LoM Niccolo Sprite He believes that he brings happiness to his customers with his transactions, but he sometimes plays dirty tricks on them. Dislikes the Sproutlings and Flowerlings.

Battle DataEdit

LoM Niccolo Portrait
Battle Portrait Synchro
LoM Niccolo Battle Portrait Bonus Lucre
Gain more Lucre than usual.
LoM Equip Menu Button Weapon Armour
LoM Glove Icon SalesmanGlove LoM Hat Icon MerchantsCap
LoM Hauberk Icon TravelersGarb
LoM Boots Icon SalesmanBoots
LoM Skill Menu Button Abilities STs/Magic
LoM Triangle Button Somersault
LoM Circle Button Back-Roll
LoM R1 Button Lightning Kick
LoM L1 Button Jawbreaker
LoM R2 Button Giant Swing
LoM L2 Button A Gift For You


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