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Pedda, also known as the Ancient Kingdom, is a location in Heroes of Mana and Seiken Densetsu 3. It is an island kingdom in the southern sea. It's populated predominantly by humans and has a tropical climate. By the time of SD3 only ruins remain and the Masked Mage has taken refuge there.

Famous InhabitantsEdit

Places of InterestEdit

  • Pedda (town) (translated as Pedan in the fan translation)- the capital of Pedda Kingdom
  • Jungle of Visions (translated as Jungle of Illusion in the fan translation of SD3) - enchanted by illusions, home to the small forest tribe D'Kelli originates from.
  • Mirage Palace - a secluded palace.


Pedda has used its status as an island kingdom to seclude itself and has cut diplomatic relations with other countries even long before the events of Heroes of Mana. Consequently the nation of Pedda is widely perceived as an enigma by the people of Fa'Diel. The people of Pedda have a highly developed culture of their own, and are rumored to possess knowledge of strange sorcery. Having changed little over hundreds of years without outside influence, gave it it's alternative name "the Ancient Kingdom".

During the events of Heroes of Mana Pedda waged war on the rest of the world, being led by Inath and Baxilios. They did so in order to execute operation Psi, as planned by the Mirage Bishop. Once Roget's crew head for Pedda's capital for the final showdown Inath and Baxilios retreat from the capital and start attacking their own town with their airship, forcing Roget and his crew to momentarily retreat, giving Inath and Baxilios time to retreat to the Mirage Palace. This attack, however, leaves the town of Pedda in ruins.

19 years later the heroes of SD3 visit the ruins of Pedda town. A time distortion (caused by the events of Heroes of Mana) brings them back to the past where they meet Loki.

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