The following is a list of Pets that can be raised from eggs found in the game Legend of Mana.

Aerial TypeEdit

Beast TypeEdit

  • Gray Ox
  • Howler
  • Molebear
  • Rabite
  • Teedie

Plant TypeEdit

  • Lullabud
  • Malboro
  • Mushboom
  • Shrieknip
  • Wooding

Undead TypeEdit

  • Ape Mummy
  • Skeleton
  • Skull Beast
  • Specter
  • Zombine

Dragon TypeEdit

  • Kid Dragon
  • Land Dragon
  • Sky Dragon

Aquatic TypeEdit

Poltergeist TypeEdit

  • Chess Knight
  • Cursed Doll
  • Dainslaif
  • Machine Golem
  • Polter Box

Morph TypeEdit

Reptile TypeEdit

  • Basilisk
  • Lizardon
  • Rattler Boa
  • Tonpole
  • Tyrranos

Demonic TypeEdit

  • Chimera Beast
  • Dark Stalker
  • Fierce Face
  • Imp
  • Punkster

Oddity TypeEdit

  • Beholder
  • Eye Spy
  • Poto
  • Spiny Cone
  • Springball

Arthropod TypeEdit

  • Gloomoth
  • Hoppin' Tick
  • Sand Scorpion
  • Silkspitter
  • Stinger Bug

Demi-Human TypeEdit

Demi-Humans are different, for they are not found in eggs. They just walk around a certain part of a specific area and join the player willingly (provided there isn't a pet in the party already), but there's a catch. In order for them to appear, their land needs to have certain elemental levels reached in order to make them appear.

Name Location/Elemental requirement
Chobin Hood Jungle/Dryad at Level 3
Goblin Lumina/ Shade and Dryad at Level 3
Tomato Man Norn Peaks/ Salamander at Level 3
Sahagin Duma Desert/ Dryad at Level 3
Succubus Fieg Snowfields/ Shade at Level 3
Narcissos Junkyard/ Gnome at Level 3
Mad Mallard Lake Kilma/Wisp at Level 3

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