The term Pirate Penguins (海賊ペンギン Kaizoku pengin) collectively refers to the group of pirates helmed by Cap'n Tusk in Legend of Mana. The Pirate Penguins are known to be extremely proud of the position that they collectively fill as pirates of the sea, although it is said that they hardly, if at all, behave like typical pirates.


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Filled with overwhelming pride over the fact that they are pirates, the Penguins are unabashed in expressing the unbridled joy and passion that they derive from the occupation of choice. Speaking to any Penguin while on board the SS Buccaneer will yield responses that are very telling of the Penguins' enthusiasm as pirates, singing songs and exclaiming ardently while diligently executing their tasks on deck.

Although they are raucous in declaring their statuses as pirates, the Penguins do not, like their encyclopaedia entry states, behave in a manner that is remotely similar to a traditional crew of bloodthirsty, ferocious and anarchic brigands; on the contrary, the Penguins are instead advocates of peace, seeking to steer clear of trouble wherever possible, and prefer indulging in activities that are markedly more relaxed and phlegmatic in nature.


Character InformationEdit

Portrait(s) Sprite(s) LoM Character Encyclopedia Icon Encyclopaedia Description
LoM Penguin Portrait
Pirate Penguins
LoM Penguin A SpriteLoM Penguin B SpriteLoM Penguin C SpriteLoM Penguin D Sprite Penguins that have the tendency to tell silly jokes a little too often. Extremely proud of the fact that they are pirates, though they don't seem to act like pirates that often.

Named PenguinsEdit

  • David
  • Valerie
  • Roane (Located in the Jungle)
  • Selkie (Located in the Jungle)


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