Popoi (Remake)

Artwork of Popoi from the remake

Popoi (ポポイ Popoi) is a playable character from Secret of Mana. A Sprite being from the world of Secret of Mana, Popoi is mischievous, boastful, but caring. Popoi is of unknown age, but is 3 ft. 1 in. tall and weighs 71 lbs.

Story Edit

Randi first meets Popoi at the Dwarf Village where with the mayor, Popoi makes a living by scamming people at the Elder's freak show. Due to a massive flood in the Upper Land that washed Popoi away into Gaia's Navel, Popoi has memory loss and doesn't remember anything about the past. At the Dwarf Elder's suggestion, Popoi joins Randi in hopes of recovering past memories, eventually reuniting with Grandfather in the Wind Palace but deciding to continue aiding Randi in his quest. Popoi is the most mischievous member of the group and often plays the role of comic relief. As an orphan, Popoi understands how Randi feels growing up without parents. In the Mana Fortress, the party realizes that destroying the Mana Beast will end Mana and wipe out all of the beings connected to the world by it, including Popoi. Popoi cheers them on to save the world instead. In the game's ending Popoi fades away along with Mana. The final screenshot of the game shows Popoi's spirit watching over the world.

Gameplay Edit

Popoi's default weapon is the boomerang. Popoi's specialty in battle is attack magic, which delivers devastating amounts of damage from a safe distance. This is especially important because Popoi is the exact opposite of Randi in terms of parameters: Popoi's attack, defense and HP are the lowest of the team and Popoi learns special attacks with weapons very slowly.


  • Gold statues of Popoi are used for saving the player's game in Legend of Mana, which is kind of a lasting legacy (especially considering what happens in Secret of Mana's ending).
  • In the U.S. translation, Popoi is identified as a male while on the Republic's sandship that protects the Fire Palace from the empire. A guard says "He ate up ALL the ship's food!". Another says "'Zat your friend? Show him outta here!" This was most likely due to the time constraints of the game's translation as Popoi largely uses non-gender specific pronouns in the Japanese version that do not exist in the English language, and thus their true gender is never revealed. In the remastered remake, Popoi is referred to by gender neutral pronouns such as "they" or "their".


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