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Popoi's art for the iOS Remake

Popoi (Front)


Popoi (ポポイ Popoi) is a playable character from Secret of Mana. Even though Popoi seems to have the appearance of a female child at first, he is later identified as a male while on the Republic's sand ship that protects the fire palace from the empire. A guard says "He ate up ALL the ship's food!". Another says "'Zat your friend? Show him outta here!"

Randi first meets Popoi at the Dwarf Village where it makes a living by scamming people at the Elder's freak show. Due to a massive flood in the Upper Land that washed him away into Gaia's Navel, Popoi has lost his memory and doesn't remember anything about his past. At the Dwarf Elder's suggestion, he joins Randi in hopes of recovering his memory. Eventually he reunites with his grandfather in the Wind Temple but decides to continue aiding Randi in his quest. Popoi is the most mischevious member of the group and often plays the role of comic relief. As an orphan, he understands how Randi feels growing up without parents.  Popoi's age is unknown, but he is 3ft 1in and 71 lbs.

Popoi's default weapon is the boomerang. His specialty in battle is attack magic, allowing him to deliver devastating amounts of damage from a safe distance. This is especially important because he is the exact opposite of Randi in terms of parameters: his attack, defense and HP are the lowest of the team and he learns special attacks with weapons very slowly.                                                                                                                                                        


Gold statues of Popoi are used for saving the player's game in Legend of Mana, giving him a kind of lasting legacy (especially considering what happens in Secret of Mana's ending).


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