A.K.A Pop
Kana ポップ
Romaji Poppu
Age 9
Hair Colour Grey
Eye Colour Blue
Weapon Flail
Children of Mana character

Poppen (Pop in the Japanese and German versions) is one of the four protagonists of Children of Mana.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

At nine years old, Poppen is the youngest of the four playable characters, though his oversized clothing makes him appear even younger.


If Poppen is chosen as the player character, the game begins with him standing before the Haunted House, wondering if it truly is haunted. He approaches the door, only to be stopped by Grampa Tony. Poppen asks him if the spirits haunting the building are those of the people who died in the Cataclysm a decade prior, which Tony confirms. This makes Poppen desire to see his mother, even though she died so long ago that he can't even remember her face. In response, Tony tells the young boy that the house is only haunted by "bad" and "scary" ghosts, and gives him some confectionery to send him on his way. Poppen is overjoyed with the treat and decided to share some of it with Tess before she leaves to offer prayers at the Mana Tower.


Poppen is the least physically powerful of the playable characters, but this is balanced by his supreme skill with magic. Thus, in a statistical sense, he is the opposite of Wanderer. His weapon of choice is the flail (though, like the other three, he begins the game with a sword; the flail being the second of the four weapons to be acquired).


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