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Primm or Purim (プリム Purimu) is one of the playable characters in Secret of Mana and comes from the kingdom of Pandora. She is 17 years old, 5 ft. 4 in. tall, and weighs 104 lbs.

Story Edit

Primm meets Randi briefly when he is ambushed by Goblins and saves him from being eaten. After they escape, she admits that she mistook him for someone else and disappears, only to appear again soon afterward. The location in which she reappears varies depending on the player's actions, but she is necessary to complete the Witch's Castle. She joins the party in either Pandora (after a scene where she fights with her father) or the Haunted Woods (after the player rescues her from two monsters).

Primm is in love with a Pandorian warrior named Dyluck who was ordered by the King of Pandora to apprehend the powerful witch Elinee. Angry with the King for sending her lover on a suicide mission and furious with her father for setting her up an arranged marriage, she rebels, leaves the castle, and joins Randi on his quest, hoping to save Dyluck.

While Randi is often reluctant, Primm is rash and very self-empowered, reacting strongly to chauvinism and male subjugation.

Gameplay Edit

Primm's default weapon is the glove. She is a typical support character, casting mainly defensive and healing spells while her combat ability ranks about average. Her stats are the most balanced between the three characters being more durable than the Sprite but not as physically powerful as the Boy. Her magic is largely defensive and healing in nature with the exceptions of Salamando and Lumina, who feature offensive magic.


It is possible to bypass the Goblin attack event and not meet Primm until the player arrives at Pandora. There, the scene at the castle will play out differently as Primm will push Randi aside and the player can meet Primm in her house.


  • Marle from Chrono Trigger strongly resembles Primm in overall design, as both were actually one in the beginning in the time of the SNES-CD Project. With the failure of the SNES-CD, Secret of Mana's content needed to be cut down severely. The unused ideas and planned content were reused in Chrono Trigger.
  • Unlike Popoi, Primm can level her magic in towns due to not having to target an enemy, but the learning rate is reduced by half to offset this advantage.
  • She, Randi, and Popoi were also in Heavenstrike Rivals[1] and Spelunker Z.[2]


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