Randi's art from the iOS Remake

Randi (ランディ Randi) is the main protagonist in Secret of Mana. He was adopted by the Elder of Potos Village after his mother had disappeared.



Randi with a Sword

Randi is an orphan raised by the Elder of Potos Village. One day he and his friends Elliot and Timothy look for treasure at the waterfall near the village when he suddenly slips and falls into the river below. Randi is beckoned by a mysterious voice and soon finds a rusty sword embedded in a rock; as he pulls it out, the sword flashes brightly and the voice reveals itself as the ghost of a knight who had summoned Randi. As the ghost disappears, Randi raises the sword up and another blast of light bursts forth from it, seen from miles away. On his way back to the village, Randi is surprised to find the path full of Rabites. Upon arriving home, he finds out the village has come under attack from a wave of monsters while he has been gone. In the cafe, he meets Jema, a stranger who gives a discerning look at Randi, before he goes to see the Elder of Potos. The Elder learns at once that Randi had pulled out the Mana Sword, which had been protecting the village from danger for years, resulting in the recent monster activity. Elliot angrily lashes out at Randi, shoving him out to the center of the village and blaming him for the village's misfortune, but the fight is interrupted by a sudden earthquake and a fissure opens up beneath both boys. They land underground where Randi uses the Mana Sword to defeat a large Mantis Ant. As Elliot cowers and hides, Jema coaches Randi from above. After the battle, Jema advises Randi to go to the Water Temple to talk to the sage Luka.

Randi is then summoned by the Elder to a village meeting where they unanimously vote that he be banished from Potos Village as the nearby monsters will be attracted to his sword. Before leaving the village, the Elder tells Randi that his mother died shortly after leaving him there as a baby and regrets seeing him go this way. With nowhere else to go, Randi makes his way to the Water Temple where Luka reveals that the Mana Sword has retained only a fraction of its former power and Randi must renew it in order to restore peace to his world. On his journey, Randi is joined by Primm, a hot-headed girl who wants to rescue a friend from the clutches of an evil witch; and Popoi, an energetic sprite child trying to regain his memory.

Gameplay Edit

Randi's default weapon is the sword. He is the most physically proficient member of the group, having the highest attack, defense and HP. As he has no magical ability whatsoever, this is counterbalanced by his weapon skill learning rate, in which he masters every weapon's special attacks the fastest of the trio. 


  • Crono from Chrono Trigger strongly resembles Randi in basic overall design, as both were actually one in the beginning in the time of the SNES-CD Project. With the failure of the SNES-CD, Secret of Mana's content needed to be cut down severely. The unused ideas and planned content were reused in Chrono Trigger.
  • In Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Randi is shown to be left-handed as he wields the Mana Blade in his left hand. However, in the original Secret of Mana, he is shown to be right-handed as he wields his weapons in his right hand.


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