Riesz (リース, Rīsu) (Lise in the fan translation) is one of the six main characters of Seiken Densetsu 3.


Riesz is the princess of the mountainous Wind Kingdom of Laurent (Rolante in the fan translation), and captain of its Amazon army. After her mother, Minerva, dies while giving birth to her younger brother, Elliot, Riesz vows to take care of him. However, two mysterious ninjas from Nevarl, Bill and Ben, discreetly trick Elliott into turning off Laurent's protective winds and promptly kidnap him. With the winds gone, Nevarl attacks Laurent with a cloud of sleep powder and succeeds in taking the castle. The king and Riesz's father, Joster, is fatally wounded in the struggle. Devastated by the loss of everything she holds dear, Riesz makes her escape and travels to the Holy City Wendel to seek counsel from the Priest of Light.

Riesz shares many story elements with Hawkeye, who was banished from Nevarl prior to the invasion of Laurent. If either of them is chosen as the main hero in Seiken Densetsu 3, the main villain will be the Dark Prince and the final dungeon will be the Dark Castle.


Riesz's stats are very well-balanced, making her a handy character in almost any situation. Her Strength, Agility, and Vitality are all above-average. After changing classes, Riesz gains the ability to manipulate the stats of others -- her Light classes can raise the heroes' stats and her Dark classes can lower enemies' stats. All four of her final classes learn a summon spell that affects all enemies.


Below is a list of Riesz's classes. The first class change takes place at Level 18, while the second one takes place at Level 38, with the latter requiring specific items acquired from ??? Seeds.

Her starting class is named "Amazoness". The origin of the word comes from ancient Greek, and it means "without one breast" ("a-" = without, "mazos" = breast), because the amazons of the original legend cut off their left breast in order to better use the bow (which has been debunked).

Level Light Dark
L.1 SD3 Riesz
L.18 Riesz Valkyrie Sprite
Riesz Rune Maiden Sprite
Rune Maiden
L.38 Riesz Vanadis Sprite
Riesz Star Lancer Sprite
Star Lancer
(Morning Star ChainMorning Star Chain)
Riesz Dragon Master Sprite
Dragon Master
(Dragon Knight ChainDragon Knight Chain)
Riesz Fenrir Knight Sprite
Fenrir Knight




Star LancerEdit

Rune MaidenEdit

Dragon MasterEdit

Fenrir KnightEdit

A warrior of the darkness, the Fenrir Knight is said to take on the name of the dreaded evil devil wolf of legend, who is believed to be destined to devour the Mana Goddess upon the end of the world. Raging with abandon and pure bloodlust, the Fenrir Knight specializes in not just merciless fearsome combat, but also in the arts of invocation and sorcery; it is said that because of the classes' closeness with the demonic forces of Fenrir and Mavolia, this pact has bestowed the class with enervating spells to make opposition helpless before their presence, and allows them to summon terrifying monsters from the depths of the demonic realm.

Skill AttacksEdit

Below is a list of skill attacks Riesz learns across her different classes:

Level Light Dark
L.1 Whirlwind Lance
L.18 Vacuum Wave Spear
Flying Heaven Spear
(Rune Maiden)
L.38 Light Ball Spear
Shooting Star Spear
(Star Lancer)
Dragon Fang Spear
(Dragon Master)
Hundred Flower Dance
(Fenrir Knight)


Riesz is capable of learning several spells, which mainly boost the stats of allies or lower the stats of enemies. Depending on her final class, Riesz will also learn at least one Summon spell as well.

Below is a table of spells Riesz learns across her different classes:

Level Light Dark
L.1 n/a
L.18 Protect upProtect up
Speed upSpeed up
Mind upMind up
Power upPower up
Protect downProtect down
Speed downSpeed down
Power downPower down
Mind downMind down
(Rune Maiden)
L.38 FreyaFreya
(Star Lancer)
(Dragon Master)
Lamian NagaLamian Naga
(Fenrir Knight)
  • Note: The spells Riesz originally learns after the first class change allows her to only affect one target. These spells will be upgraded to affect one or all targets when she changes class to either the Star Lancer or the Fenrir Knight respectively.



Name Cost Location Class
Bronze LanceBronze Lance 40 Starting Weapon --
Long SpearLong Spear 95 Astoria, Wendel, Maia --
FlameaFlamea 205 Dwarf Village, Valsena --
CorsescaCorsesca 258 Byzel, Palo, Jad --
PartisanPartisan 570 Ghost Ship, Palo --
Steel LanceSteel Lance 990 Dark Priest Village --
GlaiveGlaive 1450 Elrand, Sultan, Deen --
Silver LanceSilver Lance 3035 Mintos --
Wing SpearWing Spear 3300 Mintos Valkyrie
Mystic SpearMystic Spear 3300 Mintos Rune Maiden
Plume LancePlume Lance 3400 Diorre --
Dark PiercerDark Piercer 3440 Diorre Valkyrie
Torrento SpearTorrento Spear 3415 Diorre Rune Maiden
Golden SpearGolden Spear 4320 Altena, Deen, Mintos --
Mythril SpearMythril Spear 4670 Altena, Deen, Mintos Valkyrie
BrainwreckerBrainwrecker 4935 Altena, Deen, Mintos Rune Maiden
Griffin LanceGriffin Lance 7870 Cats --
StaghornStaghorn 8240 Cats Valkyrie
Wolf's FangWolf's Fang 8400 Cats Rune Maiden
MaidenleafMaidenleaf 17230 Cats --
Valkyrie (Weapon)Valkyrie 18480 Cats Valkyrie
Mideel SpearMideel Spear 18270 Cats Rune Maiden
BrunakBrunak 18670 Pedan --
GungnirGungnir 34135 Pedan Valkyrie
PaintoothPaintooth 34270 Pedan Rune Maiden
Blaze PiercerBlaze Piercer -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Valkyrie/Rune Maiden
True SpearTrue Spear -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Vanadis
StargazerStargazer -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Star Lancer
Dragon LanceDragon Lance -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Dragon Master
Giant's SpearGiant's Spear -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Fenrir Knight


Name Cost Location Class
Padded LeatherPadded Leather 18 Starting Armor --
Cuir BoulliCuir Boulli 60 Wendel, Maia --
Feather VestFeather Vest 144 Dwarf Village, Valsena --
Spiked LeatherSpiked Leather 215 Byzel, Palo --
ChainmailChainmail 258 Ghost Ship, Palo --
Banded MailBanded Mail 360 Dark Priest Village, Valsena --
Scale MailScale Mail 738 Elrand, Sultan, Deen, Mintos, Diorre --
Mani PlateMani Plate 1380 Mintos --
Steda PlateSteda Plate 2560 Diorre --
White Eagle PlateWhite Eagle Plate 2930 Altena, Deen, Mintos --
JotzdammoranJotzdammoran 3170 Cats --
Valkyrie MailValkyrie Mail 4670 Cats Valkyrie
Rune ArmorRune Armor 4535 Cats Rune Maiden
Wing ArmorWing Armor 8240 Pedan Valkyrie
Fang ArmorFang Armor 8135 Pedan Rune Maiden
Phantasm ArmorPhantasm Armor -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Valkyrie/Rune Maiden
Goddess ArmorGoddess Armor -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Vanadis
Polaris ArmorPolaris Armor -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Star Lancer
Dragon Knight's ArmorDragon Knight's Armor -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Dragon Master
WulfhezeinWulfhezein -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Fenrir Knight


Name Cost Location Class
Winged RibbonWinged Ribbon 48 Maia --
Leather HelmetLeather Helmet 205 Jad --
BarbuteBarbute 930 Deen --
Viking HelmViking Helm 1600 Diorre --
HorncrestHorncrest 2200 Cats --
Unicorn HelmUnicorn Helm 3170 Cats --
Aurora HelmetAurora Helmet 4670 Pedan --
Pegasus HelmetPegasus Helmet -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Valkyrie/Rune Maiden
Vanir HelmetVanir Helmet -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Vanadis
Stardust HelmetStardust Helmet -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Star Lancer
Rising Dragon HelmetRising Dragon Helmet -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Dragon Master
Wolf HelmetWolf Helmet -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Fenrir Knight


Name Cost Location Class
VambraceVambrace 95 Valsena --
Steel BraceletSteel Bracelet 160 Jad --
Wind God BraceletWind God Bracelet 738 Deen --
Earth BraceletEarth Bracelet 1380 Deen, Mintos --
GyralhorneGyralhorne 1900 Cats Valkyrie
Rune EarringsRune Earrings 2200 Cats Rune Maiden
Yadorigi ArmletYadorigi Armlet -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Valkyrie/Rune Maiden
DraupnirDraupnir -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Vanadis/Star Lancer
Giant's RingGiant's Ring -- Weapon Armor SeedWeapon/Armor Seed Dragon Master/Fenrir Knight


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