Roget is the main character in the game Heroes of Mana. He is Elena's fiance and a member of the recon team sent to investigate rumors of the Beastmen plotting war against humans, which was a false tip, used to distract the Beastmen so that the Peddan Millitary could launch a suprise attack on Lowenburg, the capitol of Ferolia. This also allowed them to sneak the Vel Vimana into the continent unnoticed.


Roget wears an orange, gold and green feathered cap over his slightly dark green hair, which is spiked out either side of his head and strands fall in his face. He also wears a dark blue shirt with multiple armour pieces over his right arm, and on his left an orange tattered sleeve piece has been stitched on over the blue. Roget has an orange and white Peddan style strip that winds around his waist twice over an interesting piece of orange armour over his thighs. Hanging from this on the right is a piece of orange armour with a yellow strip. On his left leg are a few additional plates of blue metal. He also wears long pants that are a slightly more subdued colour than his hair, and have a single white strip on each leg. He wears orange and gold pointed shoes. On his left hand is a patterned glove. Roget also wears small orange gold striped earrings and a yellow ring on the middle finger of his left hand, most likely his engagement ring.


Roget is shown to be sympathetic to the plight of the world, and has a strong sense of justice, as seen when he pledges to fight his own country for their crimes, even though it costs him dearly. However, inside he is quite lonely and unsure of his past, which nothing is known about.


(spoilers!) Roget was born in the Mirage Palace of Pedda, a secret place where dark sorcery is performed, and was raised there with his elder twin brother, whose name is not known. Whilst his brother practiced the sorcery of their forefathers, Roget had an affinity for the sword. When their father, the former lord of the palace, died, the eldest brother claimed his title as the Mirage Bishop. Roget, around 16 at the time, was taken out of the palace and his memory was erased. After this, Roget was raised by a follower of the dark magic and became a swordsman in the Peddan army. During this time, he became best friends with a fellow Peddan warrior named Juhani. He also fell in love with an archer called Elena. It is possible that Roget was chosen to go on the mission to Ferolia because General Baxilios knew of his lineage and wanted to be rid of him. When he left, Roget had been engaged to be married to Elena, making his betrayal even harder to bear.


Chapter 1: Raid on Splendere's Wings

Roget is involved in the beginning dialogue when the others (Yurchael, Qucas, D'Kelli, Gemiere) are introduced. when the Nightswan is shot down by Beastmen, he falls out like the others.

Chapter 2: In the Forest of Beasts

Roget has to protect Yurchael while he instructs on how to play the game. Multiple Beastmen attack and you have to fight them off. then the other crew members arrive and are surrounded by Beastmen led by their King, Gauser. Everyone kind of freak out when the first-class Peddan warship, the Vel Vimana, flies overhead in the direction of the Beastmens' castle, Lowenburg. Gauser and his Beastmen run back to the castle, leaving you alive, and the crew decide to follow.

Chapter 3: Stirrings in Lowenburg

Roget and the crew arrive outside Lowenburg, where they meet with a trio of incredibly stupid Peddan soldiers. Roget tries to explain that they were sent on a top-secret mission, but the lead warrior interrupts and says he hasnt heard of any 'top-secret missions.' He then proceeds to try to cut Roget in half. After defeating the soldiers, Roget sort of freaks out but Gemiere calms him down and they fight their way through the various Beastmen, Peddans and cobras to enter the palace. Inside they see a lot of dead Beastmen, and General Baxilios and her Peddan soldiers. She places the first of the Black Mirrors of Esina in Lowenburgs throne room, and goes on for a bit about how Pedda is strong and with the guidance of the Mirror they can conquer the world. Gemiere calls her insane, then Baxilios' soldiers surround them. the crew are saved by Gauser and run away.

Chapter 4: The Moon Howls over Mintas

The crew go with Gauser to Mintas. After witnessing Peddan warriors wreaking havoc in the Beastman village, Roget decides to fight against the Peddans, after some sentimental wishes that Juhani and Elena will understand. Qucas tries to convince him otherwise, then just decides to screw it and join him. So does everyone else. After killing all the soldiers, Roget and Yurchael convinces Gauser to send his people to the holy city, Wendel. They are pacifists and accept anyone. Gauser joins the crew.

Chapter 5: Dragon Winds of Reunion

With Gauser, the crew now head to Laurent. However, they fail to convince Laurent's Queen, Galura, to prepare for an attack. Yurchael decides this is because Nevarl, the desert kingdom bordering Laurent, is hostile with them. Qucas catches up with some old Laurentian friends; Minerva, Joster, and Alma. The Nightswan leaves for Nevarl, but sees the Peddan ships surrounding Laurent. After coming back, they help fight the attackers, but midway through another ship flies over the citadel. Yurchael identifies it as the Boorledoon, the Nevarlan flagship, and Qucas says it belongs to Olbex, the Nevarlan chieftain. They follow it into the throne room, but are too late to stop Galura from being killed by Olbex. Olbex then plants the second Black Mirror. Minerva is taken captive by Olbex in order for the Nightswan crew, Joster and Alma to go free. Alma joins the crew.

Chapter 6: Falcon of the Burning Sands

Roget and the crew pop in at Wendel. After some conversation with the Priest of Light, a Nevarlan soldier comes in and asks for help. Belgar, the Oracle of Shadows, joins you. The Nevarlan leads you to the Burning Sands of Nevarl. Once there you meet Nevarlan rebels Falcon, Sandarrow, and their fellow rebel warriors. After helping to fight off the Nevarlan forces, their general Flamekhan comes and tells off Falcon, because hes her dad and shes a traitor. She defies him and he walks away. The ground shakes and a Mana Stone appears. So does a rather cute fire spirit called Salamander. Roget talks to Xan Bie, the Fire Benevodon (known as a Beast-God to some) and it agrees to help because it finds Esina's Mirrors annoying. Sandarrow and the injured are dropped off at Wendel, and Falcon joins the crew.

Chapter 7: A Farewell Ambush

Next the crew heads to Valsena in hopes of defending it. Along the way they have to pass along the Golden Road, the only path into the kingdom, due to its being surrounded by mountains. Waiting for them there is Juhani, who heard of Roget's betrayal and doesnt forgive him, ordering Peddan soldiers to attack them. Once he is defeated, he falls down a ravine, saddening Roget deeply.

Chapter 8: Clashes and Quakes

Next up the crew arrives at the Molebear Moors. After looking around they find a group of Valsenan-Altenish soldiers, headed by Prince Richard of Valsena. The peoples of Valsena and Altena have formed an alliance against the attacking Peddan-Nevarlan forces. The Prince is determined to stop them here. Roget and the Nightswan crew help fight off the initial Peddans, but Celestan, Yurchael's old pal, appears and refuses to let you through. He calls up a bunch of red dragons, or Quon Folk, and attacks you. After Celestan is defeated, another Mana Stone appears and its Benevodon, Land Umber, joins you, along with the Earth Spirit Gnome. A lone Valsenan soldier arrives and tells Richard that the castle is under attack. You look at it to see it on fire. Celestan runs off.

Chapter 9: The Fall of Valsena

After rushing back to Valsena, Richard leads you in and apologizes to Loki and Princess Valda of Altena, who arrived to help. The Nightswan crew fights off the first of the enemy forces, but Celestan arrives with some more dragons, then Olbex with even more dragons and some of his Nevarlan thugs. Once the enemy carrier is sunk, the battle continues and the Valsenan-Altenish alliance weakens. An enemy Gulbatte flies overhead and deposits Baxilios. Gemiere charges at her and is injured. Baxilios places the fourth Mirror (the third is in Nevarl) and declares Valsena under Peddan rule. A group of Valsenan soldiers come overa nd fight the Peddans while Richard and the crew escape. Loki joins the party.

Chapter 10: Tears Frozen in a Chant

Having arrived in Altena, Roget becomes rather gloomy as only Altena and Wendel are still free of Pedda's rule. Richard and Loki yell at everyone because they don't think they can win, Yurchael tries to calm them down, then D'kelli freaks out as well, but the Queen of Altena comes in and says they have the Mana Goddess. A snowstorm arises and freezes the approaching Peddan soldiers, courtesy of the Queen's spell. The crew go out and start killing the defenseless Peddans, but Baxilios arrives and unleashes the Mirror of Esina, unfreezing her reinforcement troops. The Queen is bewildered. Roget panics. Baxilios and her troops attack. Afterwards, the Peddan soldiers are seen entering the castle while Baxilios boasts about Pedda's might. The Queen convinces her daughter to leave with the Peddan crew along with the Nightswan crew. Richard pulls her away despite her pleas to stay. As the Peddan soldiers approach, the Altenish Queen yells at them calling them heretics and blasphemers. Then she dies.

Chapter 11: White Flames of Despair

The crew, Richard, and Valda have fled to the Frostbite Fields, east of Altena. Looking back, they see the castle on fire and the light from the fifth Mirror of Esina. Celestan and dragons ambush you, however, and Valda is in a sort of sorrowful trance state, making her utterly useless. Loki yells at the dragons. The battle starts and it's not fun. You have to survive while random dragons attack you, random enemy units attack from the enemy ship, and you also have to keep Valda, who can't fight or move, alive. And after a few minutes, Celestan rushes you with two dragons, who tend to head for your useless Altenish Princess. After the battle, Yurchael becomes pessimistic as they are surrounded by dragons. Valda wakes up and yells at the dragons, then casts a powerful spell that sends fire allover the place, frying the dragons, but strangely it doesn't do anything to the snow. Celestan runs away again. Valda collapses. Then she joins the crew as its last member.

Chapter 12: King in the Lights of Old

The crew go back to Wendel and decide to search for the other spirits, first going to Wendel's Shimmering Ruins, led by Belgar. After searching for a while, Yurchael and Roget hear a Peddan carrier, and the Guldrea, the Peddan flagship, arrives and drops off King Inath of Pedda. I'm going to occasionally refer to Inath as the Brat-King from now on, and you'll find out why later. Anyway, Brat-King asks Roget to join him, and Roget, being the protagonist of the story, refuses. Then Inath orders his troops to attack. Brat-King's attacks are nasty; one of them is a three-square light beam that hits everything around him and can charm you, and his other ability heals a friendly unit for a few hundred life points. And once he is defeated, the Mana Stone of Light appears and you are joined by its Spirit, Wisp, and the Light Benevodon, Stargazer. Yes, light can be evil. Inath asks again if Roget will join him, and he refuses again. Brat-King then taunts Roget as he leaves.

Chapter 13: Have-Nots Unforgiving

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