Sage Joch


Fake Joch

"Sage Joch"

Sage Joch (賢者ジャッハ Kenja jahha) is a supporting character in Secret of Mana. He resembles an anthropomorphic orange crocodile or dinosaur.

When the heroes first meet Sage Joch, he tells them that he is Jehk (ジーコ Jīko), the sage's pupil. He sends them to the Palace of Darkness, the Light Palace, the Moon Palace, and Tasnica in search of his master, where they acquire the powers of Shade, Lumina, and Luna and save the Republic from the Dark Stalker. When they return, Jehk introduces them to an old man who asks them to prove their courage by completing a trial. Once they do, Jehk admits that the old man was an illusion and he is the real Sage Joch. He then tells the heroes about Emperor Vandole's plans to raise the Mana Fortress and advises them to head to the Tree Palace to stop him.