Shooting Star Spear (流星衝 Ryūsei shō) is a technique used by Riesz in Seiken Densetsu 3. She learns this tech only when she class changes into a Star Lancer, allowing her to split herself into multiple clones to attack selected targets from different directions. This tech can only be performed when Riesz's attack gauge meter turns red in color.


Riesz will start off the move by splitting her body into four separate clones of herself. In pairs, these clones will then sail through the air with their spears held out in front of them, passing cleanly through the selected target's body from different directions. As they do this, a tinkling sound is heard while the clones leave a trail of white sparkles behind them. The technique finishes off as the clones join back together, whereupon Riesz will leap onto the selected target and bring her spear down onto said target.

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