The Spiky Tiger Boss Line has two variants: Spiky Tiger and Blue Spike.

Spiky TigerEdit

Spikey Tigerpng

Spiky Tiger


  • Level 15
  • HP: 520
  • MP: 21
  • EXP: 210
  • GP: 288
  • Weapon Orb: Boomerang
  • Weakness: None
  • Location: Witch's Castle


Make sure that Randi, Purim, and Popoi are no lower than level 10. This can be considered a hard fight. Stock up on Candies, Chocolates, Cups of Wishes, and Royal Jams, if you can afford them. You should give at least one character a long range weapon, like the Bow/Arrow, or the Boomerang.

Spiky is one tough customer indeed. He has a weakness, but you do not have magic at this point in the game, so it is useless to exploit it. Spiky Tiger has several attacks at his disposal. He has a bite attack, which does moderate damage. He also has a rolling jump attack in which he jumps into the air and comes crashing down on a character, which will paralyze them. His spinning attack can also paralyze characters, so be cautious. He will also, from time to time, jump onto one of the two high perches and breathe fire, which will engulf a character in flames, and thus they take damage as if he/she was poisoned. Last attack he has is a level 2 Fire Bouquet, which damages and lowers a character's attack power.

When he is at close range, give him all you have got with charged up weapon attacks - hopefully Randi is using either a level 2 sword or spear. Remember to use healing items if anyone gets low on HP. If Spiky is on one of the top perches, melee weapons (swords, spears, etc.) cannot hurt him. Instead, switch to a bow/arrow or boomerang and attack him that way. Do not give up; this can be a hard fight...especially if you are not a high level. This fight is one of the few "hard" fights in the entire game.

Blue SpikeEdit

Blue Spike

Blue Spike


  • HP: 1980
  • MP: 99
  • EXP: 9150
  • GP: 3840
  • Weapon Orb: Bow
  • Weakness: None
  • Location: Light Palace


Blue Spike is a relative of Spiky Tiger, only pathetically easier. From his looks, you may think that he has a weakness to fire, but in reality, he has no weakness at all. It does not really matter, as spells do not seem to affect this boss much as with other bosses, although Dark Force MIGHT do a little more damage than the other spells. If your party is equipped with Battle Suits, Lazuri Rings, and Dragon Helm/Duck Helms, then the only thing that you will take damage from is Blue Spike's fire magic. Wail on him with power attacks, and use the same tactic like you did when fighting Spiky Tiger. When he starts to blow, he is faking his death...but when he blows up the second time, he is dead.

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